Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 9 Apostrophe (‘s) uses and rules updated according to latest CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 for first and second term exams. Here student will know how to use Apostrophe in regular words used in the simple sentences. For the practice purpose, chapter end exercises are given, which help the students to learn the complete concepts of Apostrophe.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 9 Apostrophe

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Apostrophe (‘s)

When we use an apostrophe before the ‘s’ it is to show singular possession. That means one person owns an object or an idea or an emotion.


    • 1. This is Raju’s car.
    • 2. We have cow’s milk.
    • 3. This is a girl’s doll.
    • 4. This is a boy’s toy.
    • 5. This is my brother’s coat.
    • 6. That is Mr. Ram’s house.
    • 7. This is Pooja’s pet dog.
    • 8. This is the teacher’s bench.
    • 9. This is my brother’s coat.
Fill in the blanks using apostrophe (‘s):

1. The ____ rays are brighter during summers.
2. My ______ house is just nearby.
3. Dr. Gupta is my _____ wife.
4. The _____ cradle is swinging to and fro.
5. I have borrowed _____ bicycle.
6. ______ sister is very pretty.
7. ______ tail always remains curved.
8. _____ milk is good for health.

1. Sun’s
2. friend’s
3. brother’s
4. baby’s
5. Rana’s
6. Aman’s
7. dog’s
8. cow’s

Rewrite the sentences using (‘s):

1. This car belongs to my father.
2. This is the chair in which my grandfather sits.
3. These are the orders given by the king.
4. I like the songs sung by Neha Kakkar.
5. This house belongs to my friend, Raju.
6. I love to read the poems written by Rabindranath Tagore.


    1. This is my father’s car.
    2. This is my grandfather’s chair in which he sits.
    3. The king’s given these orders.
    4. I like Neha Kakkar’s songs sung by her.
    5. This my friend, Raju’s house.
    6. I love to read Rabindranath Tagore’s written poem.
Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 9 Apostrophe
Class 3 Grammar Chapter 9 Apostrophe
English Grammar for Grade 3 Chapter 9 Apostrophe
Last Edited: July 17, 2023