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Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 4 Statements

Class: 3English Grammar
Chapter: 4Statements and Their Types

Positive and Negative Statements.

Positive Negative
I am happy. I am not happy.
I am a student. I am not a student.
He is a good boy. He is not a good boy.
They are playing. They are not playing.
She is dancing. She is not dancing.
Ramu was a poor man. Ramu was not a poor man.

Note: A negative sentence is made by using negative words, such as no or not.

Compare these Sentences:
Positive Statements Negative Statements
I have some money. I have no money.
She has a pen. She has no pen.
We have a holiday. We have no holiday.
My brother had a job. My brother had no job.
My aunt has two children. My aunt has no children.
Change the following sentences into negative sentences.
    • 1. I was ill.
    • 2. I am a teacher.
    • 3. I will go to school.
    • 4. Harish is a tall boy.
    • 5. Ravi is telling a lie.
    • 6. Henry has a few pets at home.
    • 7. My grandmother had a diamond ring.
    • 8. This flower has fragrance.
    • 9. India is winning the match.
    • 10. The girls were dancing beautifully.


    • 1. was I ill?
    • 2. Am I a teacher?
    • 3. Will I go to school?
    • 4. Is Harish a tall boy?
    • 5. Is Ravi telling a lie?
    • 6. Has Henry a few pets at home?
    • 7. Had my grandmother a diamond ring?
    • 8. Has this flower fragrance.
    • 9. Is India winning the match.
    • 10. Were the girls dancing beautifully.
Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 4 Statements
Class 3 English Grammar Statements
English Grammar for Grade 3 Chapter 4 Statements and its Type
English Grammar for Grade 3 Statements and its Type
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