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Class: 3English Grammar
Chapter: 3Interrogative Sentences

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 3 Interrogative Sentences

Interrogative sentences are used for asking questions. So interrogative sentences are also called questioning sentences.

Statements (Answering sentences) Interrogative Sentences
They have two pens. Have they two pens?
Lucy is a little lamb. Is Lucy a little lamb?
Mohit is sad. Is Mohit sad?
Roshni is ill. Is Roshni ill?
It is raining. Is it raining?

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Statements (Answering sentences) Interrogative Sentences
Sekhar is absent today. Is Sekhar absent today?
Sunita is a good girl. Is Sunita a good girl?
My clothes are neat. Are my clothes neat?
Reena can help you. Can Reena help you?
Amit was rude with you. Was Amit rude with you?
How to convert a statement into a questioning sentences

(a) I am/You are/He is
(b) I was/She was/You were/They were
(c) I have/She has/They had/
(d) I shall/We shall/He will/It will


    • (a) Am I/Are you/Is he
    • (b) Was I/Was she/Were you/Were they
    • (c) Have I/Has she/Had they
    • (d) Shall I/Shall we/Will he/Will it

Note: An interrogative sentence or a questioning sentence always ends with a question mark(?).

Convert the following statements into questioning sentences.

1. Rakesh is right.
2. I can help you.
3. Vikas is a good boy.
4. They have gone to school.
5. Roshni’s mother was ill.
6. We are late for the show.
7. The car is for sale.
8. She will wait for me.

1. Is Rakesh right?
2. Can I help you?
3. Is Vikas a good boy?
4. Have they gone to school?
5. Was Roshni’s mother ill?
6. Are we late for the show?
7. Is the car for sale?
8. Will she wait for me?

3rd English Grammar Chapter 3 Interrogative Sentences
Class 3 English Grammar Interrogative Sentences
Class 3 Grammar Interrogative Sentences
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