Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 8 Pronoun and its uses in various sentences. Learn here the uses of Pronoun and its kind with suitable examples and updated assignments for academic session 2022-2023 CBSE and State board exams. After completing the chapter, must do the exercises given at the end of the chapter. The chapter end exercises helps a lot in understanding the concepts of the chapter.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 8 Pronoun

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A word which is used instead of a Noun is called Pronoun.

Examples of Pronouns
Subject Possessive case Objects
I My/Mine Me
We Our/Ours Us
You Your/Yours You
He His Him
She Her/Hers Her
It Its It
We Our/Ours Us
They Their/Theirs Them
Some More Examples of Pronouns:
    • 1. This is my book.
    • 2. This book is mine.
    • 3. It is your pen.
    • 4. This pen is yours.
    • 5. These are her toys.
    • 6. These toys are hers.
    • 7. This is his pet dog.
    • 8. This pet dog is his.

My, her, your, our, his, its, their etc. are pronouns used before a noun. The pronouns like mine, hers, his, its, yours, theirs, ours are used after a noun.

Use It or They:

1. Do you think _____will rain today?
2. ____is 3 o’clock.
3. Open the windows. ____ is so still.
4. Give me some more parathas. _____ are tasty.
5. Eat some peanuts. _____ are good for health.


    1. it
    2. it
    3. it
    4. they
    5. they
Answer the questions using They:

1. When will they come?
2. Where are the mangoes?
3. Who are those people?
4. What do the boys want?
5. Why are they late?


    1. They will come tomorrow.
    2. They are mangoes.
    3. They are travelers.
    4. They want sweet.
    5. They are late due to rain.
Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 8 Pronoun and its kind
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