Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 15 use of Was, Were in Past tense. Practice here for the preparation of term 1 or term 2 exams with updated contents. Contents are based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 for new academic session. Some solved examples and practice questions with worksheets are given at the end of the chapter for the chapter revision.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 15 Was, Were

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Was, Were (past)

Was and Were are helping verbs used with past tense sentences.


Used with singular noun or pronoun. Like: Ram, he, she, it etc.
1. He was absent yesterday.
2. My grandfather was freedom fighter.


Used with plural noun or pronoun. Like: Ram and Shyam, you, we, they etc.

    1. Ram and Shyam were best friend.
    2. You were not present in the class yesterday.
Some more Examples:
    • 1. (I, He, she, Sonam, Sandeep) was in class-II, last year.
    • 2. (It, this, that) was a very difficult test.
    • 3. (We, you, they, the girls, Pihu and Riya) were six years old last year.
    • 4. (Those books, these books) were liked by people.
    • 5. There were seven dwarfs living in the forest.
Fill in the blanks with was or were:

1. I _______ surprised to see him here.
2. Raja Harishchandra _____ known for his honesty and truthfulness.
3. Prithviraj Chauhan ______ a great warrior.
4. Once there _______ a beautiful princess called Snow-white.
5. I ______ at work yesterday.
6. My father ______ not at home yesterday.
7. My grandfather _______ five years old when India achieved freedom.
8. These books _____ not easily available earlier.
9. They _____ good friends when they at Lahore.
10. You ______ at school when I came to meet you.

1. was
2. was
3. was
4. was
5. was
6. was
7. was
8. were
9. were
10. were

Class 3 English Grammar use of Was and Were
Class 3 Grammar Chapter 15 Was and Were
English Grammar for Grade 3 Chapter 15 Comparision
English Grammar for Grade 3 Comparision
Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 15
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