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Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 17 Adverb

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The words which tell us something more about verbs or adjectives are called adverbs.

    1. Alisha danced gracefully.
    2. Mary sang sweetly.
    3. The sun is shining brightly.
    4. Raja drives car carelessly.

In the above sentences: The word ‘gracefully’ tells us how Alisha danced. It tells us something more about the verb ‘dance’. So ‘gracefully’ is an adverb. The word ‘carelessly’ tells us how Raja drives the car. It tells us something more about the verb ‘drive’. So ‘carelessly’ is an adverb.

Adjectives Adverbs
careful carefully
clever cleverly
heavy heavily
wise wisely
possible possibly
kind kindly
sudden suddenly
quick quickly
slow slowly
happy happily
nice nicely
strong strongly
open openly
soft softly
foolish foolishly
Use of Adverb in sentences:
    1. How does the sun shine?
      The sun shines brightly.
    2. How does a soldier fight?
      A soldier fights bravely.
    3. How does it rain?
      It rains heavily.
    4. How does the dog bark?
      It barks loudly.
    5. How does a nightingale sing?
      A nightingale sings sweetly.
    6. How does a cheetah run?
      A cheetah runs fastly.

Note: Words brightly, bravely, heavily, loudly, sweetly, fastly shows quality of verb.

Choose the most suitable adverb in brackets to complete sentence:
    • 1. The men fought (brave/bravely).
    • 2. She spoke (quiet/quietly).
    • 3. They were talking (loud/loudly).
    • 4. The boy spoke (foolish/foolishly).
    • 5. He hit the ball (soft/ softly).

1. bravely
2. quietly
3. loudly
4. foolishly
5. softly

Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs. Take help from the clues. (loudly neatly properly fastly eagerly)

1. My grandfather walks _____.
2. Sita does her job ______.
3. The baby is sleeping. Do not speak ______.
4. Raju did the sums ________.
5. Children listened to the story _______.
6. The thief ran ______ and escaped.

1. slowly
2. neatly
3. loudly
4. properly
5. eagerly
6. fastly

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Class 3 English Grammar Adverb
Class 3 Grammar Chapter 17 Adverb