Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 18 Preposition and its uses in various sentences. There are examples based on each type of preposition. Sentences are prepared in such a way, a students of grade 3 can understand easily. After doing the complete chapter, it is advised to complete the exercises given at the end of the chapter. The chapter end exercises provide a complete revision of the topic.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 18 Preposition

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Preposition shows the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and some other words in a sentence.

    • 1. There are fish is in the jar.
    • 2. A book is on the table.
    • 3. Ravi is jumping into the water.
    • 4. A rat is coming out of the hole.
    • 5. An aeroplane is flying above the house.
    • 6. Priya is carrying umbrella over her head.
Complete the following sentences with the help of correct preposition given in the bracket:

1. The dog ran _____ the cat. (behind, after)
2. Rama lived _____ a small village. (on, in)
3. I have great respect ______ my teacher. (for, to)
4. Birds were chirping ______ the garden. (in, on)
5. Who is knocking ______ the door. (at, to)
6. This lady comes _______ America. (from/for)
7. There is a wall ________ the river. (round, after)
8. There is a bridge _______ the river. (on, over)
9. She carried the umbrella _____ her head. (over, at)
10. Simmi was sitting _____the window. (near, to)

1. behind
2. in
3. for
4. in
5. at
6. from
7. round
8. over
9. over
10. near

Fill in the blanks with at, in, on, since, for:

1. Mr. Basu lives ______ Kolkata.
2. Many gutters get choked _______ the rainy season.
3. Our examinations begin _______ Thursday.
4. India fought her first battle of Independence _____ 1857.
5. Raghav’s father has been running ________ two house.
6. I know her ______ the last three years.
7. We hope to meet _____ dinner.

1. in
2. in
3. on
4. in
5. at
6. since
7. at

Fill in the blanks with ‘between’ and ‘among’:

1. The fairy sat ______ Twinkle and Sparkle.
2. The teacher stood _______ all the students.
3. The boys fought _______ themselves in the class.
4. Daisy sat ___________ her mother and father in the church.
5. _______ all the fruits, I like the mango.

1. between
2. among
3. among
4. between
5. among

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