Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 19 Conjunction or Joining Words updated for new academic session 2024-25 following the latest CBSE Syllabus. The examples based on various type of Conjunctions are given with answers which help the students to understand the concepts. There is an exercise at the end of the chapter which can be used as revision material. All the contents are free to download or use online.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 19 Conjunction

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Conjuction (Joining Words)

A Conjunction is a joining word. It joins words or sentences together. A conjunction is also known as linker or connector.

Use of AND

And used when two words or sentences that are alike come together.
Ram and Shyam

Though, But, Yet, Still

These words used when two unlike sentences come together.

If, whether

These words used when there is a condition.

Either, Or

When there is a choice between two words or sentences.

Because, As, So, Since

Words used when there is a reason.


    • 1. Arin and Sirin are brothers.
    • 2. Karan is tall but Aman is short.
    • 3. You can either wear salwar Kameez or a skirt blouse.
    • 4. Raman has not come because he is ill. Raman has not come, as he is ill.
Use of Though, yet, still, but

1. Though Ramu is poor, he is honest.
2. Ramu is poor, yet he is honest.
3. Ramu is poor, but he is honest.
4. Ramu is poor, still he is honest.

Note: If, But, Yet, And, Though, Because, As, Still are called conjunctions.

Fill in the blanks with ‘if or ‘so’:

1. I will listen to you _____ you will stop shouting.
2. I had no rice _____ I ate chapatis.
3. We will go to the park _____ it does not rain.
4. The box is heavy ______ I cannot carry it.
5. You are late _____ you will miss the bus.

1. if
2. so
3. if
4. so
5. so

Join the sentences using suitable Conjunctions:

1. Aman is rich. Ali is poor.
2. We like ice candy. We like chocolates.
3. Mother will go to the market. She has the time.
4. You stood first. You worked hard.
5. It is a Sunday. Let us go to church.
6. I will come to your house. I shall have time.

1. but
2. either
3. because
4. because
5. so
6. if

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 19
Class 3 English Grammar Conjunction
Class 3 Grammar Conjunction
Class 3 English Grammar Conjunction Examples
English Grammar for Grade 3 Chapter 19 Conjunction
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