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Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 20 Interjections

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An interjection is a word that expresses sudden feelings: Joy, grief, surprise, praise, anger etc.

    • 1. Hello! How are you?
    • 2. Hurrah! We have won the match.
    • 3. Alas! My granny is dead!
    • 4. Hush! The baby is asleep.
    • 5. Hurrah! We have won the tennis match.
    • 6. Oh! I forgot to tell you something.
    • 7. Ah! What a pleasant surprise.
    • 8. Oh God! I got such fright.
    • 9. Bravo! Well done.

Note: Hello!, Hurray!, Alas!, Ah!, Oh!, Hush!, Bravo! Oh God! are interjections.

Interjections and their Expressions:
Interjection Expression
Hurrah! Joy
Oh dear! borrow
Alas! Ah! Sorrow
Ugh! disgust
Oh! Wonder
Good heavens! horror
Interjection Expression
Bravo! Praise for goodness
sake! anger
Fie! Hatred
Hello! address
My goodness! Surprise
Wow! Happiness
Match the following columns:
Column-A Column-B
Hurrah! Sorrow
Oh! Happiness
Hello! Wonder
Wow! Joy
Alas! Address
Fill in the blanks:

1. _____! How can you behave like this?
2. ______! I have secured first position in the class.
3. ______! I have won a prize.
4. ______! Did you hear me?
5. _______! I have lost my job.
6. _______! How could you do this?

1. hello
2. wow
3. Hurrah
4. Hello
5. Alas
6. Oh

Combine the Interjections with suitable sentences.

1. Oh! (a) What brings you here?
2. Ah! (b) the patient is sleeping.
3. Hurrah! (c) She is dead.
4. Hello! (d) What is that noise?
5. Hush! (e) A wonderful hit.
6. Alas! (f) What a stupid fellow!
7. Bravo! (g) What a pity!
8. Hark! (h) We have won the game.


    1. (f)
    2. (g)
    3. (h)
    4. (a)
    5. (b)
    6. (c)
    7. (e)
    8. (d)
Class 3 English Grammar Interjections
Class 3 Grammar Interjections
Class 3 English Grammar Interjections Exercises
English Grammar for Grade 3 Chapter 20 Interjections
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