Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 21 Punctuation and its application during making sentences or paragraphs. Students can practice here with the help of hints given for Punctuation. Worksheets and Practice Exercises are given at the end of the chapter. Use of Punctuation is necessary to read every sentence properly. Improper use of Punctuation sometimes changes the meaning of the actual sentence. So, learn properly and use it carefully in sentence making.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 21 Punctuation

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Capital Letter

The first word of a sentence and special name (proper noun) always begins with a capital letter.
1. Smita is a good girl.
2. The name of Rana Pratap’s horse was Chetak.

Full Stop (.)

Full Stop is use mark the end of a sentence. If we are not asking a question.

    1. Ravi is a lawyer.
    2. Megha cooks the food.
    3. The Ganga is the holiest river of India.
    4. We should not eat fast food.
Question Mark (?)

Question mark (?) is used, instead of the full stop, after a question.

    • 1. What is your name?
    • 2. Where do you live?
    • 3. In which class do you study?
    • 4. Who is your best friend?
Comma (,)

Comma is a punctuation mark used in the sentences as a small pause or separation between items.
1. I bought many fruits from market like Apple, Banana, orange.
2. we should study hard, to score good marks.

Rewrite these sentences using capital letters where necessary:

1. I have a test in english next month.
2. akash has a pet dog.
3. rajesh is a good boy.
4. suresh and ramesh both are good friend.
5. delhi is the capital of india.

1. I have a test in English next month.
2. Akash has a pet dog.
3. Rajesh is a good boy.
4. Suresh and Ramesh are good friend.
5. Delhi is the capital of India.

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Class 3 English Grammar Punctuation
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