NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 A busy Month in Hindi and English Medium PDF file format updated for new education session 2023-24. All the question answers are prepared from NCERT Books only. Extra questions based on new NCERT Textbook is also included for the preparation of exams. Students can prepare for exams and class tests using these NCERT exercises questions and extra important questions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16

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How many years ago did Gijubhai write this letter?
Gijubhai wrote this letter in 1936, This letter had been written about 76 years ago.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 Question Answers Set 1

Find out how old your grandfather and grandmother were at that time.

My grandfather was five-year-old and my grandmother was two years.

This letter talks about many different birds. How many of these birds have you seen?

I have seen so many birds like dove, Indian robin, crow, koel, barbet, sunbird, etc.

How many other birds have you seen? Which ones?

I have seen several other birds also. Some of them are sparrow, pigeon, eagle, vulture, parrot, etc.

Have you seen a bird’s nest? Where did you see it?

Yes, On the branch of a tree and on roof top window of my house.

Which is your favourite bird?

My favourite bird is peacock.

Guess what this bird is: ‘A crown on the head and coins on the tail, so many shades of blue from top to tail.’ Clue: It is our national bird.

This is peacock.

Do you know of any other bird that makes its nest in a tree trunk like the barbet does?

Yes, Woodpecker makes its nest in a tree trunk like a barbet.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 Question Answers Set 2

Where is the nest made?

It has been made on the branch of a Banyan tree.

What is the nest made of?

The nest is made of Straw, dried leaves.

Is the nest ready or are the birds still making it?

It is more than half complete.

Can you recognise which bird has made the nest?

It is a sparrow.

What things does the bird bring to the nest?

sparrow brings straw and small sticks to the nest.

Is there any bird sitting in the nest?

Yes, one sparrow is sitting in the nest.

Do you think there are any eggs in the nest?

No, the nest is not completed yet.

Can you hear any sound like ‘chee chee’ from the nest?

Yes, I can hear sound like ‘chee-chee’ from the nest.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 Question Answers Set 3

How many times in one hour do the birds come to the nest?

They come frequently approximate 15 to 20 times in an hour.

After how many days did the chicks leave the nest?

It will take 30-35 days the chicks leave the nest.

You have seen how birds use many different things to make their nests.

I have seen birds use many different things to make their nests like straw, mud, paper, cloths, leaf etc.

Can you recognise some birds by their sounds?

Yes, we can recognise sounds of many birds, like sparrow, pigeon, parrot, hen and so many other.

Find out about Your Own Teeth and Write.

I am aware about my age and all my body parts.

What is Your age?

I am nine-year-old.

How many teeth do you have?

I have 28 teeth.

If there are chicks in the nest, what do the parent birds bring for them to eat?

Right now there is no chicks.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 Question Answers Set 4

How many of your milk teeth have fallen, but no new teeth have come in their place?

Six of my milk teeth have fallen but two teeth have not come yet.

If you did not have front teeth (both top and bottom) how would you eat a guava?

If I did not have front teeth, it is very difficult to eat a whole guava. But I can eat it by cutting in small pieces.

You have your front teeth, but no teeth at the back. Someone gives you a roti.

I would chew that roti with my front teeth like an old man does.

You do not have any teeth in your mouth. What kind of things would you be able to eat?

If there are no teeth, I can only eat soft and liquid foods.

Find out from old people who do not have teeth, what are the kind of things that they cannot eat?

Old people who do not have teeth, they can only eat soft foods.


This bird makes its nest along the roadside in spaces between the stones.

[A]. Sparrow
[B]. Cuckoo
[C]. Robin
[D]. Pigeon

Robin bird makes it nest using: i. soft twigs and roots ii. wool , hair iii. pieces of wire and wood iv. cotton wool

[A]. i,ii and iii
[B]. ii.iii and iv
[C]. i,ii and iv
[D]. i,iii and iv

This bird does not build its own nest:

[A]. Pigeon
[B]. Crow
[C]. sparrow
[D]. Cuckoo

It is difficult to locate the nest of this bird:

[A]. Sparrow
[B]. Humming bird
[C]. Crow
[D]. Pigeon

The season in which most of the birds build their nests to lay eggs:

[A]. Summer
[B]. Spring
[C]. Winter
[D]. Autumn

Which bird builds its nest at higher places?

[A]. Sparrow
[B]. Wood pecker
[C]. Crow
[D]. Pigeon

The birds which make their nests in and around human house.

[A]. Sparrows and pigeons
[B]. Eagle and Vultures
[C]. Crow and Koel
[D]. Parrot and Sparrow

Which bird makes the tuk- tuk sound?

[A]. Barbet
[B]. Weaver Bird
[C]. Sparrow
[D]. Pigeon

Have any of your teeth fallen or broken? How many?

Yes, some of my teeth have fallen.


The sun bird makes its nest with the help of:

[A]. hair, grass, thin twigs, dry leaves,
[B]. cotton wool, bits of tree bark,
[C]. pieces of cloth rags, spider’s cobwebs.
[D]. all of the above

Name the bird whose male partner makes the nest for her:

[A]. Sparrow
[B]. Pigeon
[C]. Weaver Bird
[D]. Crow

Who all are the enemies of the birds?

[A]. Insects
[B]. Humans and other animal
[C]. plants
[D]. All of them

What other work does a bird do, apart from laying eggs and raising the chicks?

[A]. play
[B]. look after everything required for them
[C]. make friends with other birds
[D]. None of the above

Birds like duck, swan and flamingo have ………………………feet.

[A]. Webbed
[B]. Talons
[C]. long slender feet
[D]. None of them

The climbing feet are useful for birds like:

[A]. Parrot and woodpecker
[B]. duck
[C]. swan
[D]. crane

Some birds have long slender claws to:

[A]. help the bird to fly
[B]. help the bird to perch on the tree
[C]. help the bird to find food
[D]. help the bird to lay eggs

The feet and claws of the birds are useful as they: i. helps the bird to sleep ii. catch and hold the food and other objects iii. protect them against the enemies iv. help them to lay eggs

[A]. Both i and ii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and iv
[D]. Both ii and iv

These birds have short and conical beaks:

[A]. sparrows, pigeon and canaries
[B]. crow, eagle, vulture
[C]. parrot, macaw, parakeet
[D]. crane, kingfisher, stork

On the basis of their eating habits, the animals have different teeth and are classifies into:

[A]. i.Herbivorous
[B]. Carnivorous
[C]. Onmivorous
[D]. All of them

Carnivorous animals like cats, tiger etc have sharp teeth for:

[A]. gnawing nuts, fruits and grains
[B]. snipping grass
[C]. biting the prey
[D]. tearing and cutting meat.

The animal which bites the prey and injects venom is:

[A]. squirrel
[B]. cow
[C]. snake
[D]. tiger

How many new teeth do you have?

I have six new teeth.

Do you think the birds are an important part of the environment? As per chapter 16 class 4 EVS book.

Birds are being given the same importance in our nature as the other animals unfortunately forest degradation and other changes in the climate and areas are a major reason for their extinction. Bird play important role in nature and that is why various important steps are being taken for the birds.

Why do you think the summers are the busy month for birds to make their nests as per the story in unit 16 from class 4 EVS NCERT?

Nest is important for any of the birds or animals for say. During summers the availability of dry twigs and leaves is high. On top of that, the nest is built so that they can lay eggs for their offspring and in winters either they migrate or try to arrange food for their chicks. Which makes them busy in summer.

What are the most interesting thing about the chapter 16 class 4 EVS?

The most interesting part that I can study in this chapter was to study the birds and their types of nests. Few of them achieve the precision of making a nest that is even tough for a human to make.

Do you find unit 16 of class 4 is entertaining?

The chapter is quite interesting as after reading so many things about the environment I think the birds are the best part as it is quite interesting how these little creatures make their work done.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 A busy Month
Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 A busy Month
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 in English Medium
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 guide
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 Question Answers
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 ans
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