NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai in Hindi and English Medium all Question answers with explanation updated for the academic session 2024-25. Students should go through the extra questions also for the preparation of the chapter for exams. Extra important questions help to revise the entire chapter during the preparation of exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Question Answers Set 1

Why did Nandita have to bring her mother from the village to Mumbai?

Nandita had to bring her mother to Mumbai for treatment.

Nandita used to feel like vomiting when at first she had to use the toilet where Mama lived. Why?

Nandita feel like vomiting because the toilet was very dirty and smelled very bad.

In what ways did Nandita find her Mama’s house to be different from her house in the village?

There is a courtyard, separate kitchen and bathroom in Nandita’s house in the village, while there is no courtyard or separate kitchen or bathroom in her Mama’s house in Mumbai.

What differences did Nandita find between getting water from the public tap and in the village?

For getting water from the public tap, Nandita had to get up at 4 o’clock and stand in a queue. There were many fights for water at the public tap. However, in the village, there were no fights for water due to the presence of rivers and ponds from where people could take plenty of water.

Was there electricity at the place where Nandita’s Mama lived? Guess.

Yes, there was electricity at the place where Nandita’s Mama lived because Mumbai is a big city.

Do you know anyone who was admitted to a hospital?

Yes, I know one of my friend’s grandfather who was admitted to a hospital.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Question Answers Set 2

For how many days was he or she in the hospital?

He was admitted for about 5 months.

Did you visit the person in the hospital?

Yes, I visited him in the hospital.

Who was looking after the patient at the hospital?

My friend’s father was looking after him at the hospital.

Have you ever seen a tall building? Where?

Yes, I have seen several tall buildings in Delhi.

How many floors did the building have?

The buildings have 15 to 20 floors.

How many floors did you climb?

I climbed upto 15th floor.

What were the differences between the houses where Mama lived and the houses in the high-rise buildings?

Houses in area where Mama lived Houses in a high-rise building
Common toilets Separate toilet
No kitchen Separate kitchen
No Water tap Water tap in kitchen and bathroom
No glass window Glass window

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Question Answers Set 3

When Nandita first came to Mumbai, what were the things that she was afraid to do?

When Nandita first came to Mumbai, she was afraid of travelling in the crowded buses and boarding the lift.

Discuss why there were differences.

Because Nandita’s Mama had less money, he could not hire, purchase or build a big house or flat like one was in high rise building.

Where does the water come from in your house?

In my house water come from municipality pipeline.

Is there an electricity connection in your house? How many hours in a day do you get electricity?

Yes, there is an electric connection in my house. We get almost 24 hours’ electricity in a day.

Which is the nearest hospital in the area where you live?

Safdarjung hospital is the nearest hospital in the area where I live.

Why does Mama have to change his house?

A big hotel is proposed to be built on the land where Mama had his house. So, the people living that place and want change their house.

How far are these from your house?
Location Minutes to walk to In Kilometres
Bus stop
Post Office

LocationMinutes to walk toIn Kilometres
Bus stop15 min½ km
School30 min2 km
Market 10 min300 meters
Post Office 30 min2 km
Hospital20 min 1 km

Have you ever moved from your house? If yes, why did you have to move?

Yes, I moved from my house because of transfer of my father from one city to another city.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Question Answers Set 4

Who will benefit from this?

The owner of the hotel benefited from this.

Who will face difficulties?

All the people living in that area face difficulties.

Do you know of any people who have faced problems similar to Nandita’s Mama?

Yes, approximately thirty families were removed from their place. It was due to construction of metro rail station.


Why did Nandita catch hold of her mother’s hand when they reached Mumbai station?

[A]. her mother was so old.
[B]. She got scared of the crowd
[C]. her mother could not walk
[D]. All of them

The place where mama lived was:

[A]. very neat and clean
[B]. crowded with narrow streets
[C]. large area with wide streets
[D]. All of them

It was difficult to stay in her mama’s house as:

[A]. the house was too small with only one room.
[B]. the house had a big room
[C]. the house was not well built
[D]. there were already so many people staying there.

Why did Nandita feel like vomiting?

[A]. she had diarrhoea.
[B]. as the streets were dirty
[C]. due to the dirty and foul smelling toilet.
[D]. she was to travelling in a crowded bus.

Why were there fights for water where her mama lived?

[A]. Water was easily available in the area
[B]. there were no taps and women had to walk long distance
[C]. there were so many people in the area
[D]. none of the above

Why are there no fights for water in the village?

[A]. as people are more understanding there.
[B]. as they fill water in orderly manner.
[C]. as the village has a pond for water
[D]. as they do not need much water.

Nandita was surprised to see that tall building when she went there with her mami as:

[A]. it looked like a single building
[B]. it had many houses in it, one on top of another
[C]. she had never seen such houses
[D]. Both ii and iii

How did people reach the houses in the building?

[A]. by climbing the stairs
[B]. using the lift which was there in the building
[C]. both i and ii
[D]. neither i nor ii

Why should we not waste water? i. it is a useful resource needed for so many different purposes ii. water is a non-renewable resource iii. we have to pay for water iv. we need it for future generations also

[A]. Both i and iii
[B]. Both i and iv
[C]. both ii and iv
[D]. both iii and iv

Nandita looked down from the window in Babloo’s house she could not find out:

[A]. the road going to her mama’s house
[B]. her mother who was waiting for her
[C]. her mama’s house as everything looked small
[D]. All of the above

Nandita’s mama had got a notice to:

[A]. stay where he was staying
[B]. leave his house and go to a new place
[C]. leave the job where he was working
[D]. None of these

Houses in a high-rise building have:

[A]. No separate rooms
[B]. kitchen, hall, bathroom, bedroom, dining room
[C]. All of the above
[D]. None of the above

Is it right that Mama and others have to move because a hotel is going to be built there?

No, it is not right that Mama and others have to move because a hotel is going to be built there because it will disturb their life and work badly.

Is this unit 17 of class 4 from NCERT EVS tells about the journey to Mumbai?

After reading the chapter I found that this chapter doesn’t tell about the experience of Nandita ger traveling but about the daily life in the big metropolis city named Mumbai and despite the development going on there are homes that are no bigger than a room.

What does chapter 17 of class 4 EVS tells us about the citizen of Mumbai?

The chapter tells about the daily work routine and how hard they work and live a simple life in the small homes often called a hut. Even though they use many big things like elevators as going up and down in tall buildings often takes time and energy too. Things are new for Nandita as she is from some different town and the things she is witnessing as new this is normal for the people living in Mumbai.

After reading the story of Nandita in unit 17 of class 4 EVS do you think the development in Mumbai is advanced and good?

After reading from Nandita’s point of there are certain advanced things like an elevator for what she called an “ Iron cage” is advanced things for going up and down in tall buildings. However, her Mama leaves in a home which is for one room and where they cook eat and sleep and there are quarrels for water and if one gets late they will not get their fill. Show two different aspects of development.

What are things that you like about the story in unit 17 of 4 standard EVS?

The best parts are the society and development in the society and workplace that is the best likable things in the story. However, this is the only part that has shown in the story as the likable things bigger buildings. Besides with such a massive development, Nandita’s mam got 2nd notice to shift in the other part of the city where there is no drinking water and no proper electricity is the harsh side of development.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai
Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 in English Medium
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 updated
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Question Answer
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