NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 18

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Too Much Water, Too Little Water for new academic session based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2021-2022. The 4th standard Environment Studies question answers are given here in easy format.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 18

Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 1

How can unclean or dirty water harm our body?

Unclean and dirty water can cause various diseases to us because it contains many harmful chemicals and micro-organisms.

Have you ever got dirty or unclean water in your area? What was the reason for this?

sometime, dirty water comes in the tap because of leakage in the pipeline.

Do you know anyone who has fallen sick because of such water?

Yes, I know many people, one of my friends had fallen sick because of dirty and unclean water.

When the guest came to Suguna’s house, they offered him a cold drink, because they thought he should not drink such water. What do you think Suguna’s family must be doing for their own drinking water?

They must be clean the water either by boiling it or by chemical process adding chlorine tablets or alum in it.

The guest said he did not take cold drinks. Why do you think he said this?

Cold drinks are carbonated and high sugar drinks which are not good for health. Due to this reason the guest denied the cold drinks.

Have you ever faced a shortage of water in your house? When?

some time We face shortage of water, whenever the water supply is disrupted.

What did you do then?

We do some alternate arrangement like call private water tanker.

Have you ever played in water? Where and when?

Yes, I have played in water many times. there was a small river besides my village, whenever we get free time we played in the river water.

Are there times when you are not allowed to play in water? What are the reasons for this?

At the younger age we are not allowed to play with water. there is some other reason as: Water is dirty, Water is deep, our health is not well.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 2

Have you seen wastage of water in your area? Discuss.

Yes, several time I have notice this the tanks overflowing with water in my neighborhood. Some people also let the taps open to water their gardens, and some people washing their vehicle due to which a lot of water gets waste.

The water park had a lot of water to play in but the nearby village people did not have water even to drink. Think about it and discuss.

There is game of money everywhere in case of Water parks they are usually run by private authorities and run for making profit. But in the village, water is supplied by government authorities, due to poor management government often fails to supply water efficient and in sufficient amount.

If you go to a water park, find out from where the water comes to the park.

Water comes to the park through water pipeline whether they purchase it from local authorities or use ground water.

Why was Raziya worried when she read the newspaper?

Raziyz was worried after reading newspaper because Water got dirty and unclean because sewage water from the gutter is mixed with drinking water pipe. So, they would get dirty water in their area.

Raziya asked that all the water that was filled the previous day should be thrown. Could this water have been used for something else? What kind of things?

we should not throw old water. Yes, that water could be used for washing clothes, vehicles and for watering the plants.

In what way did she plan to clean the water?

Raziya planned to clean the water by boiling it.

Do you know of different ways to clean the water? Describe them.

Yes, there are so many other methods to clean water. These are given below:
(a) By boiling the water
(b) By adding alum to water
(c) By adding chlorine to water
(d) By filtering water using water purifiers

Suppose, Raziya had not read the news and everyone had drunk the water without boiling it, what could have happened?

if Razia did not read newpaper, then all people drink water without boiling it then most of them could have fallen sick.

Where Deepak lives, everyone has to stand in a queue to fill water from the common public tap. In Raziya’s house, water comes all day in the tap. Why is this?

Deepak’s family lives in a slum area, where they have a common water tap. Also water in this tap comes only once or twice a day. Due to this, people have to stand in a queue to collect water. On the other hand, Raziya lives in a high-society building where people get water all the day from overhead tank.

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Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 3

Raziya read news about the water in the newspaper. Have you read any news about water in the newspapers? What kind of news?

Yes, sometime we have read different news about water in newspapers. These were regarding shortage of drinking water, or water supply interrupted in particular area due repair work, pollution of water in rivers and other water bodies.

Where does the water in your school come from? (a) Tap (b) Tank (c) Hand-pump (d) Any other!

(a) Tap

In your school, from where do you take water to drink? (a) Tap (b) Tank (c) Hand-pump (d) Any other

(a) Tap, (b) Tank

If there is no tap, matka or handpump, then how do you get drinking water?

We get it from water tanker.

Is there water in all the taps or hand pumps?

Yes, there is water in all the taps and hand pumps.

Is there any tap which is leaking or dripping?

yes, some of the tap are leaking.

Are all the matkas filled with water and are they covered?

Yes, all the matkas are filled with water and they are covered.

Are the matkas and other water containers cleaned regularly?

Yes, matkas and other water containers are cleaned regularly.

How is water made safe for drinking?

We can make drinking water safe by using different methods. for example: boiling water, adding chlorine tablets, and alums. In modern days we use water purifires.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 4

Is there a long-handled ladle to take water from the matka or container? How many ladles are there per container?

Yes, there is a long-handled ladle to take water from the matka or container. There is one ladle per container.

Is the place around the drinking water–taps or matkas cleaned regularly?

Yes, it is cleaned regularly.

Why do the drinking water places get dirty?

Drinking water places get dirty due to dumping garbage, spitting, bathing animals and washing clothes and utensils.

What can we do to keep these places clean?

Drinking water places can be kept clean by following ways:
(a) spread awareness among people about clean and safe drinking water
(b) People should avoid throwing waste near water bodies.
(c) People should avoid washing and bathing in river water and directly at water source.
(d) Sewage water and Industrial waste should be treated before throwing into rivers.

How often (once a day, once in two days, etc.) are the containers or matkas and ladles cleaned? Who cleans them?

the containers or matkas and ladles cleaned regularly before filling water. Some volunteers do this job as a public service.

How many children are there in your school? How many taps, matkas or handpumps are there? Are these sufficient for children?

There are 700 students in my school. There are 5 taps, 2 hand pumps and 10 matkas. Yes, these are sufficient because many students carry their own water bottle.

Who cleans the places near the water?

A sweeper cleans the places near the water bodies.

Where does the water that is spilt go?

Water that is spilt goes into the drains.

What are the toilet arrangements in your school? Built toilet, Open area.

Built toilets

Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 5

How many toilets are there?

There are 10 toilets in my school.

Are there separate toilets for girls and boys? yes no


Is there water in the toilets? yes no


Where does the water come from? (a) the tap (yes, no) (b) filled containers (yes, no) (c) has to be brought from home (yes, no)

(a) yes.
(b) yes.
(c) yes.

Is there water for washing hands near the toilet? yes no


Do you wash your hands after using the toilet? yes no


Is there any tap that is leaking or dripping? yes no


Are the toilets kept clean? yes no


How many boys and girls are there in your school? Girls Boys

Girls: 320
Boys: 380

Class 4 EVS Chapter 18 Question Answers Set 6

How many toilets are there for girls, and how many for boys? Girls Boys

Girls: 5
Boys: 5

If there are no taps, who brings the water for the toilet? From where does the water have to be brought?

There are tap in every toilets.

Who keeps the place clean?


What can be done to keep the toilets clean?

Toilets can be kept clean, regularly cleaning and flushing of the toilet after using.

What can each of us do for this?

We should avoid spreading water and dirt in the toilet. We should flush the toilet after using it.

Have you seen toilets at bus stands or railway stations? How are they different from the toilets at home?

Yes, I have seen toilets at bus stands or railway stations. As those are at public places, so, many people use them. They are very dirty and unhygienic as compared to the toilets at home.


Why did Appa ask Selva to offer a cold drink to the visitor?

[A]. there was no water available
[B]. people generally offer cold drinks to the guests
[C]. the water was dirty and not fit for drinking
[D]. none of the above

Which of the following causes dehydration in our body

[A]. When a person suffers from excess vomiting
[B]. when a person suffers from headache
[C]. when a person suffers from excess vomiting and loose motions
[D]. when a person suffers from excess loose motions

We should use water wisely as it will result in

[A]. less availability of water
[B]. no crops and irrigation
[C]. less water for household work
[D]. All of the above

Water plays a major role in keeping our ……………….healthy?

[A]. legs
[B]. head
[C]. body
[D]. none of the above

Which of the following are water borne diseases?

[A]. Cholera
[B]. Typhoid
[C]. diarrhoea
[D]. All of the above

The water in the water park should also be cleaned regularly as: i. people have to drink the water from water park ii. it becomes dirty when everyone enters and play in them iii. it prevents spreading of diseases like skin irritation, itching etc iv. all of the above

[A]. Both i and ii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and iii
[D]. Only iv

The reason for the villagers making a noise outside the water park was:

[A]. they wanted to go inside the water park
[B]. their children were inside the water park
[C]. they were angry for getting no water but water being supplied to the water park
[D]. none of the above

Why did Holgundi not have water shortage earlier?

[A]. Water tankers were available whole day
[B]. They filled the tanks with water when it rained.
[C]. water was available through tanks
[D]. none of the above


Deepak was happy because:

[A]. he had got his favourite food to eat
[B]. he could play with his friends
[C]. he got new clothes to wear
[D]. he could watch television and watch cartoons

What new did Raziya read in the newspaper?

[A]. news of a film star
[B]. news of a disease that was spreading
[C]. news about dirty water
[D]. none of these

The effects of drinking polluted or dirty water are: i. stomach ache, vomitings ii. fit and fine body iii. people suffer from diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, diarrheoa iv. none of the above

[A]. Both i and iii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and ii
[D]. Only iv

The water gets contaminated due to:

[A]. leaking pipelines
[B]. unclean overhead tanks
[C]. an overdose of natural chemicals
[D]. All of these

What should a person suffering from diarrhoea do: i. Take ORS solution ii. drink three cups of tea iii. eat spicy food iv. Consult a doctor

[A]. Both i and iii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and iv
[D]. Both iii and iv

Problems found by Bhima Sangh in the tank on the hill in Holgundi were:

[A]. The tank was on the hill. They found that the tank was full of mud and stones now.
[B]. The tank had many cracks.
[C]. There were no trees and grass
[D]. All of these

The tank was repaired and cleaned so that:

[A]. Children could play near it
[B]. people could sit near it and enjoy themselves
[C]. rainwater could be stored and collected in the tank
[D]. None of these

The dam was built on the slope to:

[A]. stops the water and soil from getting washed away
[B]. to play around it
[C]. to make houses along it
[D]. None of the above

Do these problems discussed in the stories in unit 18 of class 4 EVS is about pollution?

The stories are given in chapter 18 of class 4 EVS is not only covering one problem of water. There are different problems that the people are facing and all the things are showing about the scarcity of fresh drinkable water for the mass.

What do you think the major problem common in every story given in unit 18 of class 4 NCERT EVS is sharing?

The main problem is related to the fresh clean water for everyone. After all, that development people are still facing the problem to get the basic necessity for the people that is water.

Do you think that discussing the diseases in the chapter with the children in chapter 18 of class 4th EVS from NCERT books?

The chapter from class 4th EVS chapter 18 is sharing the knowledge of the importance of clean water and also how unclean water is not good for health and what is the health hazard with clean water. What is the disease that can cause such diseases so that the children are aware of the fact what to avoid and how to clean the water?