NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together in Hindi and English Medium questions answers and explanation of topic is given here in an updated format. All the solutions are prepared for the new academic session 2023-24 for CBSE and other state board students who are using NCERT Textbooks as course books. Important extra questions with answers are also given for the preparation of the exams and school tests.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20

Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 1

Do you like to eat with others?

Yes, I do like to eat with my friends.

On what occasions do you eat together with your friends?

I eat together with my friends on the occasions like birthday parties, festival like Diwali, etc. During lunch break in school also we eat together.

Have you ever had a party in your class? When? What all did you do to arrange a party?

Yes, I had a party in my class last year on Christmas. I helped in decorating the classroom and deciding the menu.

What did you and your classmates bring to the party?

We brought balloon, flags, sparkle powder, etc.I bought biryani and my friends bought cake, chole bhature, sweets, pizza, fruit custard, biscuits, cold drinks, etc. to the party.

What all did you eat?

First of all, we ate snacks, and then we had lunch. In snacks we ate cakes and pastries and in lunch we ate pulaao, dal, puri, sabji and sweets.

Who were the people you invited for your party?

We invite all our teachers and all my classmate.

Were there some people who work in your school, whom you could not invite? Who were these people?

We could not invite student from other classes.

Did you wear any special dress for the party?

No all the students were in school dress.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 2

What are the things that you can do to make the party greater fun for everyone? Discuss.

We arrange music system, first of all patriotic songs were sung to pay homage to the martyrs and. then a play was staged. and in the last there was a group dance.

Where is the festival of Bihu celebrated?

Bihu is the state festival and celebrated in the State of Assam.

Which are the festivals you celebrate together with other families?

We celebrate Holi, Dussehra, Deepawali, Id, etc. together with other families.

Does everyone cook and eat together on such festivals? What are some of the special dishes that are cooked? How are they cooked?

No, there are some people who are expert in cooking, so everyone does not cook together but all of them celebrate the festivals together.

Are some special vessels used for cooking these items? What are they?

Those are special big vessels used particularly in parties, like kadhai, big pans, etc.

Which is the biggest vessel that is used? Can you draw a picture of it? Can you guess how many people can eat the food that is cooked in it at one time?

The biggest vessel that is used to prepare vegetables is a big Kadhai. Yes, I think more than 200 people can eat the vegetable that is cooked in it at one time.

Can you guess how many people must have eaten together in the village feast?

In the village feast more than 1000 people must have eaten together. It is depending upon the population of vilaage.

Have you ever seen the Bihu dance? Did you like it?

Yes, I have seen the Bihu dance on TV. Yes, I like it.

Find out from the students in your class, the festivals that they celebrate and the special food that they eat on these days. Who cooks the special food for festivals?

There are different festival celebrated in our country, on the day of celebration some special foods are prepared by the family members. According the festival some special food menu is given below:

Festival we celebrate togetherSpecial food cooked for festival
DeepawaliPoori, Sabji, sweets etc.
DussheraPoori, Sabji, sweets etc.
HoliSweets, Namkeen, Gujia etc.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 3

Are there special songs that are sung at different festivals in your place? Learn some of these songs and sing them in the class.

Yes, special songs are sung at different festivals in our place.

Learn some special festival dances.

On the occasion of festivals there are some special dance performed.

When you meet friends of your own age do you do anything special – like play a game, chat or watch a movie? What else do you do?

When I meet my friends we chat each other and sometime play different games.

Write about the food given in your school. If you do not get food in school, ask a friend or someone else who gets food in school.

We get mid-day meal in our school, it has different menu like poori sabji, Dalia, Khichadi, etc.

What time is the meal served?

meal served at interval.

What do you get in the meal at school?

We get daal-bhaat, pulao, poori-sabji and sometime sweets also.

Do you like the mid-day meal that you get?

Yes, I like the mid-day meal that we get.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 4

Do you bring your own plate, or do you get it in school?

Yes, I bring my own plate.

Who serves the food?

There are special staff for this who cook and serve the meal.

Do your teachers eat with you?

No, they have their own lunch.

Is the week’s menu put up on the school board?

Yes, the week’s menu put up on the school board.

What will you get on Wednesday and Friday?

On Wednesday we get Pulao and on Friday sabji-poori.

If you do not get food in the school, find out why?

Yes, we get mid-day meal in our school.

Where will you lodge your complaint about the mid-day meal?

We can complaint to higher authority regarding mid-day meal related problem.

If you got a chance to change the menu for the meal in your school, what would you like to change? What would you like to eat? Make your own menu.
Day Food Items
If you got a chance to change the menu for the meal in my school. The menu will according me as:

Day Food Items

Girls in India apply:

[A]. mehendi on their palms
[B]. haldi on their palms
[C]. cream on their palms
[D]. none of them

Children can eat together with their friends during:

[A]. lunch break
[B]. class parties
[C]. get together
[D]. All of these

The examples of a community meal are: i. party in a hotel ii. Langar in a Gurudwara iii. Bhandara in a Temple iv. feast made on a harvest festival

[A]. i, ii and iv
[B]. i, iii and iv
[C]. ii, iii and iv
[D]. i, ii and iii

What are harvest festivals?

[A]. a celebration of colours
[B]. a celebration of the food that is grown on the land
[C]. a celebration of sacrifice of people
[D]. none of the above

The harvest festival of Assam ___________.

[A]. Pongal
[B]. Baisakhi
[C]. Bihu
[D]. Onam

Baisakhi is celebrated in:

[A]. Kerala
[B]. Punjab
[C]. Odisha
[D]. Assam

What do people do during Bihu? i. they make Bhela ghar and mezi ii. they sing and dance on this day iii. they sleep for the whole day iv. none of the above

[A]. Both i and ii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and iii
[D]. Only iv

The two varieties of rice cooked during Bihu are

[A]. Bora and Basmati
[B]. Bora and Cheva
[C]. Cheva and Basmati
[D]. none

Is the food that you get enough for you?

Yes, food that I get enough for me.


What is pitha?

[A]. a food item made out of daal
[B]. a food item made out of rice or flour batter
[C]. a food item made from vegetables
[D]. none of them

Cheva rice is cooked on the day:

[A]. of Bihu
[B]. after Bihu
[C]. before Bihu
[D]. all of them

The people of Assam perform this dance while celebrating Bihu-

[A]. Bhangra
[B]. Kathak
[C]. Garbha
[D]. Bihu

What is Mezi?

[A]. Special huts made by using bamboo and mud
[B]. Special huts made using bamboo and hay
[C]. Special huts made from bricks
[D]. none of the above

Mid-Day meal is important as:

[A]. it improves the nutritional status of the children
[B]. it provides a healthy meal
[C]. it ensures that children attend the school regularly
[D]. All of them

Food given in the mid meal is:

[A]. cold and stale
[B]. hot, fresh and nutritious
[C]. stinking and stale
[D]. none of the above

The objective of launching the mid-day meal scheme is:

[A]. to ensure that the children are regular to the school
[B]. to ensure that the children become fat and healthy
[C]. to ensure that the children fight with each other for meal
[D]. none of the above

Every day during lunch the children changed their places in the circle and sat next to a different child so that:

[A]. no one ate extra food
[B]. everyone eats food without disturbance
[C]. the children could make new friends
[D]. none of the above

The night before Bihu is called

[A]. Cheva
[B]. Tao
[C]. Uruka
[D]. Mezi

Dress worn by women of Assam during Bihu is

[A]. Gown
[B]. Ghaghra choli
[C]. Mekhala chador
[D]. Saree

Many children in our country go to school without eating anything as:

[A]. their mother does not cook food in the morning
[B]. they do not have enough money to buy food
[C]. they do not like eating
[D]. None of the above

The highest court of our country gave an important decision in regards to food for children that:

[A]. ensured that all children will get education
[B]. ensured that all children will be getting a bread to eat
[C]. ensured that all the children will get hot, fresh and hygienic food
[D]. None of the above

Do you wear clothes of some special colours on some festivals?

Festivals have cultural values and have special dresses like Holi, Basant Panchami, Id, Bihoo etc.

Is unit 20 from 4 class EVS tell us about the importance of the festival?

The chapter is not sharing the importance of the festival but this chapter shares the information that how the festival is pulling keeping the people in the village to be together and share happiness.

Do you think the food is the main ingredient of any festival? As per class 4 chapter 20 of EVS?

Food is not the absolutely important thing of the festival but including the food make the people happy as they all can contribute and then share the food and eat along. However, the main thing about the festival that we realized is to share happiness and gather with your loved ones and your neighbor to deepen the friendship.

Do you think chapter 20 of the 4th standard EVS from NCERT is a long chapter, to be covered in one day?

The chapter is not long at all. However, it is well described as the form of a story of a few characters and how they enjoyed the Bihu festival. Apart from this, the chapter shared all the additional information about the Midday meal and how this meal can help the children to make new friends.

Do you think Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 actually taught something practical about the children’s lives?

Apart from the story being told in the chapter, the chapter shared the next information about the mid-day meal and how this meal is important, and how the meal is actually a right to the children so that the children cannot abdicate of their basic needs. These are the rights that are given by the government of the Republic of India to the children.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together
Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 question answers
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 in English Medium
Class 4 EVS Chapter 20
Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers
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