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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 22

Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 Question Answers Set 1

In your home too, do people quarrel over fans, TV, newspapers, chairs or anything else?

Yes, in my house, me and my younger brother quarrel over TV.

In your home, who settles such quarrels?

Our parent set such quarrels.

Talk about an interesting incident at home when there was a quarrel over such things.

Once, when a cricket match was coming, I want to watch the cricket match but my younger brother wanted to watch cartoon.

Have you ever seen people quarrelling over something elsewhere? What?

Yes, several time there are so many reason when people quarrelling each other.

Does this kind of thing happen in your house or in any of your friend’s house? What do you think about this?

No, this is bad thing. We should settle down our differences discussing the matter.

Do you think that there should be different rules for girls and boys, women and men?

No. The rules should be same for all.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 Question Answers Set 2

If you were to write a different ending for this story, how will you end it?

Kulfi seller became too much happy, and he offered one kulfi as gift.

Is there anyone in your family who is like Pilloo Aunty? Who?

My parents are like pilloo Aunty. They always inspire me to be honest.

What would the children have thought if Pilloo Aunty had paid less money to the kulfi-seller? What do you think about this?

The children would think that Aunty is very smart. This should not be done.

What do you think Akshay will do?

Akshay will drink water.

Why was Akshay confused?

Because his grandmother always forbade him to do so.

Think – what would happen if girls had to follow rules made for boys and boys had to follow rules made for girls.

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In some manner rules are different for girls and boys, If it happens, everything will become a mess.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 Question Answers Set 3

Do you know of anybody who thinks like Akshay’s grandmother?

Yes. Many old people think like Akshay’s grandmother.

Do you agree with Akshay’s grandmother?

No, all human being are equal so we should not differentiate among them.

What do you think Akshay should do?

Akshay should drink water.

If you were in Dhondu’s place what would you do?

If I was in Dhondu’s place, I will Buy the machine.

Has it ever happened with you that you wanted to do something but the elders in the family did not allow you?

Yes, if my decision was wrong my elders do so.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 Question Answers Set 4

How would you like if only one person made all the decisions for your family?

that may not possible. Different people have different needs, opinion and choices.

Have you ever disliked anybody’s touch? Whose touch did you dislike?

Yes, sometimes. When I travelled in a bus or train I dislike if someone touches me.

What else can be done when such things happen? Discuss.

I will request do not touch me.

Everybody’s touch is not the same. Ritu did not like it when Meena’s uncle held her hand, but she liked to hold Meena’s hand. Why do you think there was this difference?

There are different people. They have different attitudes and idea. We like those who have similar choices like us.

Who takes important decisions in your family? What do you feel about this?

Usually my parents take important decisions in my family. I feel they are right.


The different reasons for a quarrel can be:

[A]. disagreement over some decision
[B]. disagreement over food choice
[C]. disagreement over clothes
[D]. all of these

What is gender inequality?

[A]. it is the discrimination between the rich or poor people
[B]. it is the discrimination between girls and boys
[C]. it is the discrimination between rich girls
[D]. none of them

Girls face discrimination in:

[A]. education
[B]. basic facilities like food, clothes etc
[C]. going out for playing or doing work
[D]. All of the above

There should be one rule for boys and girls because:

[A]. they are children ii. they are born to the same parent iii. everyone is equal and should be treated equally iv. None of the above

The children were _________ at the beach.

[A]. playing and enjoying themselves
[B]. sleeping
[C]. fighting
[D]. none of the above

In Dhondu’s family, his ___________ decides about all small and big things.

[A]. grandfather ii. father iii. elder uncle iv. mother

Dhondu’s elder uncle did not agree to:

[A]. Dhodu’s becoming a farmer
[B]. Dhodu’s idea of buying a chakki machine
[C]. Dhodu’d idea of going for a party
[D]. Dhodu’d idea of sleeping early

We should not impose our decisions on other as:

[A]. it is not a good practice
[B]. everyone has equal right to take their own decisions
[C]. everyone in the family is important
[D]. all of them

What is good touch?

[A]. something that irritates you
[B]. something which you do not like
[C]. something which is good, makes you comfortable
[D]. None of the above

Bad touch makes you feel:

[A]. happy
[B]. uncomfortable and disturbed
[C]. joyful
[D]. None of the above

We should not hide anything if someone is touching us in a _________ manner.

[A]. wrong and inappropriate
[B]. soothing
[C]. caring
[D]. none of the above

Why do you think Akshay’s grandmother warned him not to drink even water in Anil’s house?
Because their cultures were different.

What does this chapter 22 from NCERT EVS of class 4 tell us about?

The chapter consists of several stories with the moral. The stories are short stories that can be discussed in the class about the moral of the story. So, this is hard to tell a particular subject of the story.

What do you find in the stories given the chapter 22 of class 4 EVS?

All the stories given in the chapter have different stories and different characters but there is one thing that I have found is common among all the stories is that there are some conclusions that are not given in the stories.

Do you think chapter 22 given in EVS NCERT is easy for the children in class 4?

The chapter is entertaining as well as much easy to understand but each story has something to discuss with the friends and families to find out where the story is heading or what is the moral is all about. So that children not only study it but to get the deep knowledge about it.

Which stories from all the stories given in chapter 22 of class 4 NCERT?

The last story given in chapter 22 of class 4 NCERT is something I like the most as this chapter shared some of the sensitive information that is very important for the children and should be discussed to spread awareness.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 The World in my Home
Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 The World in my Home
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 22
Class 4 EVS Chapter 22
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 in English Medium
Class 4 EVS Chapter 22 in English Medium
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