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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 25

Class 4 EVS Chapter 25 Question Answers Set 1

Find out which spices are used in your house for cooking? Make a list and look at your friends’ lists too.

We use so many spices in our home like turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper etc.

When your grandparents were young, which spices were used most in their kitchens? Find out from them and write here.

In old days they used Red chilli, turmeric, onion, coriander, etc.

Name one spice which is put into both sweet and salty things.

Cardamom (Elaichi).

Find out what is put into food to make it taste sour.


Find out whether any spices are grown in your area. Write their names here.

There are so many spices grown in our area like coriander, cumin, turmeric and ginger etc.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 25 Question Answers Set 2

Did you enjoy the potato chaat?

Yes, I like it.

Just imagine, if there were no spices to make the potato chaat, how would it taste?

Without spices the taste of potato chaat is not so good.

Try to learn and make a different kind of chaat and enjoy it with all your friends in class.

Yes, we can make fruit chaat.

How do spice-less and very spicy things feel on your tongue?

Spicy things give a tingling sensation on my tongue. Spice-less things do not give such sensation.

I can be powdered fine to make food hot and spicy, if too much of me is added I make you gasp – shheee… shheee…Your eyes and nose begin to water And you cry! Thiink and tellll me who am I? Tellll me quiicklly, who am II?

Red chilli.

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Class 4 EVS Chapter 25 Question Answers Set 3

Grind me and powder me – To make your food look yellow, I am mixed in oil by granny and applied to wounds quickly, I heal all wounds – big and small, that is why I am loved by all! Thiink and tellll me who am II? Tellll me quiicklly, who am II?


Small and round like a pearl, I am black when I am whole. I can be powdered coarse or fine A sharp and spicy taste is mine, Wheither it is salty or sweet I am added as a special treat, Think and tell me who am I? Tell me quickly, who am I?

Black pepper

I am a small and skinny chap Sometimes I am brown and sometime black, added to hot oil and ghee I spread my fragrance all around me, When I am roasted. Curd and jaljeera are favourite to me. Think and tell me who am I? Tell me quickly, who am I?


I look like Zeera though green am I, to make your stomach healthy I always try, eat me always after your meal I refresh your mouth, you surely feel, Think and tell me who am I? Tell me quickly, who am I?

Fennel seeds

I look like a nail but a bud am I, Chocolate brown colour and a strong smell have I. When your toothache makes you shout, I soothe the pain in your mouth. Think and tell me who am I? Tell me quickly, who am I?



Spices are added to the food to:

[A]. enhance flavor,
[B]. add colour of the food
[C]. make the food tasty
[D]. All of them

Red Chilli is an important spice that:

[A]. is used in fruits
[B]. is put in milk
[C]. is put in vegetables, soups etc
[D]. none of the above

This spice is good for pain in teeth and is made from flower bud:

[A]. turmeric
[B]. clove
[C]. cumin
[D]. all of these

Turmeric is very used for:

[A]. cooking
[B]. skin cream
[C]. healing an injury or sprain
[D]. all of them

What is Garam Masala?

[A]. a mixture of spices added in fruits
[B]. a mixture of spices added in milk
[C]. a mixture of spices added to vegetables
[D]. none of the above

Black pepper is grown in: hot and humid climate laterite soil iii. none of them iv. all of them

[A]. a. Both i and ii
[B]. Both ii and iii
[C]. Both i and iii
[D]. Only iv

Tejpatta is also called:

[A]. Cumin
[B]. Cardamom
[C]. Bayleaf
[D]. none of the above

Potato chaat is made by using the following ingredients:

[A]. potato pieces
[B]. spices to add taste and flavour
[C]. coriander leaves
[D]. all of these

Do you like the way chapter 25 of EVS from 4 standards teaches us about the spices?

I think the way the chapter teaches children how to recognize the spices is good because including me everyone likes some riddles to solve. This makes us run our brain and when we use the brain and get the answer I think this way we can remember the answer for a long time.

What is the most useful spice that you found in the chapter 25 riddles from the class 4 EVS book?

From chapter 25 I like the spice that is turmeric that because of how versatile it is to use with such health benefits. Apart from that, I like Fennel seeds (Saunf) because of how to refresh it make the mouth and it tastes good too.

Do you think chapter 25 of EVS is easy to memorize for class 4 students?

I think the chapter is fairly made easy for the children to recognize as the children can memorize the riddles and can play with their friends and families that will engage them more interested to read and find the answers.