NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry all exercises in Hindi and English Medium revised for session 2024-25. Class 10 Maths Chapter 7 solution is simplified and modified as per the new NCERT textbooks published for academic year 2024-25.

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Class: 10Maths
Chapter 7:Coordinate Geometry
Content:NCERT Exercises Solutions
Mode:Online Videos and Text Format
Academic Session:Year 2024-25
Medium:English and Hindi Medium
Class 10 Maths Chapter 7 Topics

Class 10 Maths chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry Solution

It is useful for UP Board as well as CBSE, MP Board Schools in Hindi Medium and English medium in PDF format to free download. UP Board High School students are now using NCERT Books for school exams. Download UP Board Solutions and NCERT Solutions Apps 2024-25 based on updated NCERT Solutions for the new session 2024-25. There is overall summery about coordinate geometry for class 10, which will help the students to know more about this chapter.

10th Maths Chapter 7 Solutions

Exam based NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths chapter 7 coordinate geometry exercises from 7.1 and 7.2 are given to free download. All the contents are in updated format for academic session 2024-25. Offline Apps based on these solutions are also for new session. Join the Discussion Forum to discuss your doubts and respond the questions asked by your friends.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 7 Solutions

10th Maths Chapter 7 Previous Years Questions

1. If the distance between the points (4, k) and (1, 0) is 5, then what can be the possible values of k? [CBSE 2017]
1. The area of a triangle is 5 sq units. Two of its vertices are (2, 1) and (3, -2). If the third vertex is (7/2, y), find the value of y. [CBSE 2017]
2. Show that triangle ABC, where A(-2, 0), B(2, 0), C(0, 2) and triangle PQR where (-4, 0), Q(4, 0), R(0, 4) are similar triangles. [CBSE 2017]
1. If a≠b≠0, prove that the points (a, a²), (b, b²), (0, 0) will not be collinear. [CBSE 2017]

Know about Coordinate Geometry

In Coordinate geometry, we study that the distance of a point from the y-axis is called its x-coordinate, or abscissa (abscissa is a Latin word which means cut off) and the distance of a point from the x-axis is called its y-coordinate, or ordinate (ordinate is a Latin word which means keep it in order). Abscissa and ordinate collectively forms coordinate of a point in Cartesian system. The coordinates of a point on the x-axis are of the form (x, 0), and of a point on the y-axis are of the form (0, y). For more question on coordinate geometry, go through NCERT exemplar problems for Class 10 Maths.

Historical Facts! about Coordinate Geometry

Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650) was a French philosopher, mathematician whose work ‘La geometrie’ includes his application of algebra to geometry from which we now have Cartesian geometry.

What is the main objective of Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry in class 10 Maths?

Objectives of Coordinate Geometry
To find the distance between two different points whose co-ordinates are given and finding the co-ordinates of a point, which divides the line segment joining two points in a given ratio internally. To find the co-ordinates of the mid-point of the join of two points to get the co-ordinates of the centroid of a triangle with given vertices.

How can one get good marks in class 10 Chapter 7 Maths?

For examination purpose, we have to do only first three exercises. Exercise 7.4 is an optional one, given only for extra practice. Out of exercise 7.1, and 7.2, if a student complete the first exercise thoroughly he can score good marks in entire chapter 7 of class 10 Maths.

What are the Important Results in Chapter 7 Class 10 Maths Coordinate Geometry?

Based on class 10 Maths Chapter 7, the Important Results in Coordinate Geometry are as follows:
1. The co-ordinates of the origin are (0, 0)
2. The y co-ordinate of every point on the x-axis is 0 and the x co-ordinate of every point on the y-axis is 0.
3. The two axes XOX’ and YOY’ divide the plane into four parts called quadrants.

What are the important examples of class 10 Maths chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry?

Example number 4, 5, 9, 10 and 14 are considered as important examples of 10th Maths Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry as these are frequently asked in board exams as well as school tests.

What are the main topics to study in chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry Class 10 Maths?

In chapter 7 (Coordinate Geometry) of class 10th math, Students will study:

1) Distance Formula (To find distance between two points P(x₁, y₁) and Q(x₂, y₂)).
2) Section Formula.

How many exercises are there in chapter 7 of 10 Maths?

There are 2 exercises (exercise 7.1, and 7.2) in chapter 7 (Coordinate Geometry) of class 10 Maths and exercise 7.3 and 7.4 are now deleted from syllabus.

Does chapter 7 (Coordinate Geometry) of class 10 math contain any Theorem?

No, chapter 7 (Coordinate Geometry) of class 10 math doesn’t contain any Theorem.

Last Edited: May 21, 2024