Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 12 Simple Present Tense and Examples based on Present Tense. Illustration based on Present Tense with suitable explanation are prepared for new academic session 2022-2023, so that students can prepared their term 1 and term 2 examination. Exercises for practice are given at the end of the chapter, which is helpful for revision of complete unit 12 English Grammar for standard 3.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 12 Simple Present Tense

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Simple Present Tense

The Present Indefinite or Simple Present Tense is used to express habitual action, universal truth, actual things etc.

    • 1. (I, We, You, They, Samir and Anu) go to school every day.
    • 2. (I, We, You, They, Samir and Anu) do the homework every day.
    • 3. (He, She, It, Ritu, Raja) goes to bed every day.
    • 4. (He, She, It, Ritu, Raja) does the work every day.

1. The sun shines brightly.
2. The girl plays skipping.
3. The cow gives us milk.
4. You do your work.
5. We love our country.
6. The boys play cricket.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb:

1. India _______ good cricket. (play)
2. Government ______ care of its people. (take)
3. People _______ in anger. (shout)
4. Riya ________ television at night. (watch)
5. I _______ chocolate ice-creams. (love)
6. We ______ cricket every evening. (play)
7. The princess _____ with the prince. (dance)
8. Our teacher _____ us very well. (teach)
9. Suraj ___ bread and butter in breakfast. (eat)
10. My pet dog jazzy ___ after the ball and catch it. (run)


    1. plays
    2. take
    3. shout
    4. watches
    5. love
    6. play
    7. dances
    8. teaches
    9. eats
    10. runs.
Choose the correct word from given in the bracket:

1. The sun _____ in the west. (set/sets)
2. The birds ____ eggs in their nests. (lay/lays)
3. Our parents ____ care of us. (take/takes)
4. Sunita _____ up early in the morning. (get/gets)
5. Our school _____ at 7.00 in the morning. (start/starts)
6. Students _____ the library in the morning. (visit/visits)
7. We _____ to God every morning. (pray/prays)


    1. sets
    2. lay
    3. take
    4. gets
    5. start
    6. visit
    7. pray
Class 3 English Grammar Simple Present Tense
Class 3 Grammar Chapter 12 Simple Present Tense