NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Home and Abroad in Hindi and English Medium Question Answers with Extra Important questions updated for CBSE session 2024-25. The complete chapter 24 of 4th Environmental Studies – Looking Around, is covered with NCERT Question answers, Extra Questions based on NCERT Textbook, and some more examples. Use these questions to prepare for school tests and terminal exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24

Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Question Answers Set 1

You can also make a small report comparing Abu Dhabi with the place where you live.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Amirat situated in west Asia, there are so many differences either this climate, land and culter.

The climate and weather.

In Abu Dhabi climate is Hot and dry but in Delhi sometime hot and sometime cold.

What people wear?

The people in Abu Dhabi they wear different as we Indian wear.

The trees and plants.

Due to desert there are too little trees. Dates is the main fruit growing there. But in Delhi so many different kinds of tree and plants are existing.

The kind of buildings?

Buildings are skyscraper and modern. In Delhi mixed building structure are available.

The traffic on the roads (kinds of vehicles).

There are larg number of vehicles on the roads in Abu dhabi due to which congestion like situation appears and many accidents take place. Here in Delhi Traffic situation is same.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Question Answers Set 2

The language.

Arabic and English. In Delhi people speaking Hindi, English, other regional languages.

Why do you think many trees cannot grow in desert areas?

Because of scarcity of water.

Do you have any relatives who live in another country?

One of my cousin lived in Doha (Qatar).

How long have they lived there? Did they go there for studies or for work? Was there any other reason?

He is there since last seven years.

To which country does this currency belong? How did you know?

This is Indian currency. I know that because there are so many marks on it like reserve bank of India is writing over it, mahatma Gandhi also printed over it.

The common food items.

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Dates, meat, parantha and biryani. In India and specially in Delhi there are many food items are available.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Question Answers Set 3

Do you think that two notes can have the same number?

This is not possible that two currency note have same number.

Take a ten rupee note and observe it carefully. How many languages can you see on the note?

As like the other Indian rupee banknotes, the ₹10 banknote has its amount written in 17 languages.

Write the name of the bank given on the note.

Reserve bank India.

What is written on each coin other than the value?

On each coin other than the value is written as India and date of releasing of that coin.


Chittappan had got a job in a country called _______ five years ago.

[A]. Abu Dhabi
[B]. USA
[C]. Australia
[D]. All of them

Abu Dhabi is famous for its:

[A]. oil reserves
[B]. coal
[C]. water
[D]. all of these

Kunjamma is ___________ in Malayalam.

[A]. Father’s younger brother ii. Father’s younger brother’s wife iii. Father’s younger sister iv. none of them

Mountains made only of sand are called

[A]. sand hills
[B]. desert hills
[C]. sand dunes
[D]. desert dunes

The only kind of trees Sashi saw in Abu Dhabi were ____________ trees.

[A]. coconut
[B]. date palm
[C]. jackfruit
[D]. betel nut

The money used in Abu Dhabi is called

[A]. Dollar ii. Pound iii. Rupee iv. Dirham

___________ is the fastest means of transport:

[A]. car
[B]. aeroplane
[C]. train
[D]. metro

The buildings in Abu Dhabi are tall with:

[A]. one storey and no windows
[B]. double storeyed and no windows
[C]. many storeys and big glass windows.
[D]. none of the above

Whose picture can you see on the notes?

On Indian currency the photo of Mahatma Gandhi is printed.


The climate of Abu Dhabi is ___________.

[A]. hot and humid
[B]. cold and dry
[C]. hot and dry
[D]. neither too hot or too cold

The people of Abu Dhabi wear ………………… clothes

[A]. very dark and tight clothes
[B]. loose light coloured cotton clothes
[C]. silk clothes
[D]. None of the above

Children enjoyed locating Kerala and Abu Dhabi on a

[A]. world map
[B]. globe
[C]. drawing
[D]. ball

The capital city of United Arab Emirates is:

[A]. New Delhi
[B]. Abu Dhabi
[C]. Mexico
[D]. None of the above

The traditional wear of the people of Kerala is:

[A]. Salwar suit
[B]. lengha choli
[C]. mundu
[D]. vesti

The traditional houses in Kerala are called:

[A]. House boats
[B]. nalukettu
[C]. bunglows
[D]. none of the above

The countries around Abu Dhabi are located in a:

[A]. desert area
[B]. plateau
[C]. plains
[D]. none of these

__________ is cheaper than water in Abu Dhabi.

[A]. food
[B]. petrol
[C]. clothes
[D]. all of them

Can you find any number on the notes (other than the value)?
Other than these there are 20 rupees, 50 rupees, and 200 rupees notes also.

What does the unit 24 from EVS NCERT of class 5 tells us?

The chapter is similar to the chapter that we had studied in previous chapters about the travelling other various places. This chapter takes to far from the country where the character will make you show how the surrounding are and why the character loves our country much more.

Have you imagined yourself in a country far away from your home? What are the things that you will miss if you stay there for long duration like the character did in chapter 24 of class 4 EVS?

There are lots of things that we may going to miss if we going to live abroad for longer duration. As given in the chapter we might going to miss all the lush greenery surrounded in our area and specially all the friends and festivals too and main thing that we might going to miss is the food and because India is multicultural country and where you will find various types of cuisines and abroad we might not get what we can get here.

Do you think the chapter 24 from 4 standard EVS from NCERT is interesting?

The story of the character Chittappan who described all the major and main things briefly about comparison of our country and other country is indeed interesting. Being a person interest of travelling I like to have the knowledge of other countries and the cultures that they follow. This will make me wonder how the people follow different faiths and beliefs and cuisines in different countries

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Home and Abroad
Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 Home and Abroad
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 in English Medium
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 free guide
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 free question answers
Class 4 EVS Chapter 24
Class 4 EVS Chapter 24 in English Medium
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