Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes of Food: Where Does It Come From? are given below to study. It covers the complete chapter 1 of grade 6th science with complete explanation of topics and activities related to the chapter. 6 Science notes of chapter 1 contains all the terms related to food, its sources and kinds of availability. Notes are helpful in revision of chapter as well as to understand the concepts of the chapter. If someone has any question in his mind, please visit to Discussion Forum to ask your doubts.

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes for 2022-23

Class 6:Science
Chapter 1:Notes for Revision

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes for Revision

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes for revision are given below. If covers the complete chapter and important terms related to grade 6 Science chapter 1 Food: Where Does It Come From? Notes are helpful to prepare the entire chapter quickly. Notes contains the definitions in easy language, so that a student of standard of 6 can understand easily.

Food and its Need

Food nourishes our body, provides us energy to work, helps in growth and keeps us healthy. The taste and preference of food varies from person to person. In fact, most of us eat food that is cooked differently. Even the ingredients of the food are different. We all eat different kinds of food at different times. Various kinds of food play different role in making us healthy. So it is very important to have adequate knowledge of various components of food.

Different types of Ingredients

We take raw rice and boil it in water. So just two ingredients are needed to prepare a dish of boiled rice. Some food items need just one or two ingredients, while others may need more ingredients. Rice and wheat flour are the main ingredients used in the preparation of most of our food. That is why they are called staple foods. They are the basic food items in our diet. Water is also an important ingredient. It is needed to prepare most of our food items. It is needed to prepare most of our food items. It is required for both cooking and digestion.

Food and its Ingredients

Rice:Rice and Water.
Chapatti: Wheat flour and water,
Chicken fried-rice: Chicken, rice, spices, water and oil.
Vegetable fried rice:Rice, peas, carrots, salt, oil and water.


We eat a variety of food. Our food is made of one or more ingredients. These ingredients contain some
Components, which are important for us, are called nutrients.

Sources of Food

The food that we eat either comes from plants or animals. These are the main sources of our food. For example, rice, chapaties, fruits, vegetables and spices—all come from plants. There are some other examples of food items such as milk, curd, paneer, eggs, fish, chicken, meat, etc. These food items come from animals. We get milk from cows or buffaloes and meat from chickens or goats.

Plants as Food Sources

India is a country of agriculture. Farmers cultivate various kinds of plants. We use the products of these plants for food, clothing, medicine and animal feed. The plants grown by man in large areas and in large numbers to get useful products are known as crops. The crops can be classified as cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, oils, sugar and beverages.

Animals as Food Sources

Animals serve us in many ways. They have been our friends since ancient times. We keep them for specific purposes. They provide us a variety of food. Cows, buffaloes and goats are the major milk yielding animals in India. Milk is used to prepare different kinds of products, such as curd, cheese, khoya, butter and ghee. Buffalo’s milk is rich in fat, so it is used for making various milk products. On the other hand, cow’s and goat’s milk contain less fat and therefore, it is good for infants, old and sick people.

Feeding Habits of Living Beings

All living organisms need food. Do you know why? The process by which green plants produce food in the presence of sunlight is known as photosynthesis. Based on the feeding habits of animals, they can be catagorised into three groups: (i) Herbivores (ii) Carnivores, and (iii) Omnivores.

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Class 6 Chapter 1 Notes based Questions

Can we use roots of all plants as food?

The roots of only few plants are eaten as food. Example: radish, carrot, turnip, beetroot, etc. For plants they act like straws absorbing water and minerals from soil.

Why do we eat leaves as food?

The leaves of some plants are eaten as food leafy vegetables. They are very good from our health. Example: Fenugreek (methi) leaves, spinach, mustard leaves, etc. Leaves absorb sunlight and prepare food using chlorophyll. This process is known as photosynthesis.

What are poultry birds?

Some birds provide both meat and egg. They are called poultry birds. Example: Duck, chicken and turkey.

What do you mean by Scavengers?

Hyena, crow and vultures are animals that eat all types of left over materials and clean up the area. That is why they are called scavengers.