The game of Badminton started in England, but it flourished in India. This game was started around 1870 in Poona (now Pune) in Maharashtra. The Indian officers in the British Army made its beginning from that city. This game was initially known as ‘Poona’ game. A British national Duke of New Ford held this game in his city, namely, Badminton (Glustershire) in England in the year 1873. This game was subsequently called Badminton after the name of the city. First Badminton Association was constituted in England in 1895.

History of Badminton

The International Badminton Federation was formed in 1934. Sir George Thomas was the first chairman of IBF. World-class Badminton competition is known as ‘Thomas cup’. ‘Thomas Cup’ was first held for world champion men in 1948. The Uber Cup for a championship (women) was started from 1957. It was included in Asian Games in 1962. Badminton Association of India (BAI) was established in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1934. All India Badminton Championships are held under the auspices of this very association. The maiden National Badminton championship was held in 1936 which was won by Vijay Madwakar. Prakash Padukone won the national award continuously for nine times, from 1971 to 1979. The winner predecessor to Prakash Padukone was Nandu Natekar who had won it six times. Syed Modi won this award continuously for eight times. From 1980 to 1987. Badminton was included in the Olympic Games in 1992. Prakash Padukone won All England Championship in 1980, and Pulela Gopichand won it in 2001. These two personalities reached the highest peak of Indian Badminton.

Latest General Rules of Badminton

1. Court

The badminton court is rectangular in shape as given in figure for singles and doubles games. Its length and breadth is 44 feet and 20 feet respectively. It is marked with white or yellow lines 40 mm wide.The width of all the lines is included in measurements.

2. Posts

There are two posts, whose height should be 1.55 m above the floor.

3. Net

The colour of the net should be dark and its mesh should be 15-20 mm. The net should be 760 mm wide.

4. Players

Badminton is a game that is played in singles and doubles format.Two players play against each other in the singles,game but in doubles two players play on each side.The team, which serves first is called as serving side and the other side is called as receiving side.

5. Toss

Before the beginning of a game, there will be a toss. the winner of the toss decides to choose an end of the court or to serve first. If he chooses the court, the opponent player will do first service.

6. Match

A match consists of the best of three games.

7. Scoring

In case of both doubles and singles games for men as well as women each game consists of 21 points. Of best three games the winner of two is declared victorious. But in ladies singles the game consists of 11 points. As per new rules, all the 5 games consist of 7 points and if the score is 6 all, there is a setting of 2 points.

8. A service is a foul if
    • (a) Player serves out of turn.
    • (b) Player serves from the wrong side of service court.
    • (c) Player tricking the serve, stands on wrong side of service court and receives the service.
9. Player cannot leave the court without the permission of umpire.

Related Measurements and specifications of equipment

Specifications Measurements
Size of the court of doubles 44′ ×20′
Size of the court for singles 44′ × 17′
Width of net 2’6″ or 760 mm
Height of net from floor at centre 5′ or 152 cm
Weight of the shuttle cock 4.74 g to 5.50 g
Number of feathers of a shuttle cock 14 to 16
Length of feathers of a shuttle cock 2 ½ to 2 ¾ inches or 64-70 mm
Diameter of circle of feathers of shuttle cock 2¼-2⅝ inches or 58-68 mm
Length of racket 27 inch
Weight of racket 85 to 140 g
Length of frame 11 inch
Points in singles and doubles 21 points
Side galleries (each side) 1 foot 6 inch
Back gallery 2 feet 6 inches
Number of max. sets 5 Sets

Fundamental Skills of Badminton

    1. Grip of racket (Right-hand grip) (left hand grip)
    2. Stance (Defensive) (Offensive)
    3. Foot Work
    4. Footwork on guard stance
    5. Pivot
    6. Forehand return
    7. Back Court return
    8. Service: (a) short service (b) long service (c) receiver in service
    9. Strokes: (a) Forehand stroke (b) Backhand stroke (c) Overhead stroke (d) Net stroke

Important Tournaments

    • 1. Thomas cup (World team men)
    • 2. Uber Cup (World team women)
    • 3. Wills World Cup
    • 4. European Cup
    • 5. Konika Cup
    • 6. Yonex Cup
    • 7. Narang Cup (National Junior team men)
    • 8. Major’s Cup
    • 9. China Cup
    • 10. Olympic challenge cup (National Women)
    • 11. 555 World Cup
    • 12. Shafi Qureshi Cup (National Junior team Women)
    • 13. All England Championship
    • 14. Asian Games
    • 15. National Badminton Championship
    • 16. Wold cup etc.


1. N.D.M.C Indoor stadium, New Delhi
2. Nehru Stadium, Indore
3. University Stadium Thiruvannanthpuram


Arjuna Awardees
Year Awardees
2000 George Thomas
2003 Madasu Shriniwas Rao
2004 Abhinna Shyam Gupta
2005 Aparna Popat
2006 Chetan Anand , Rohit Bhakar (Disabled Category)
2007 Anup Sridhar
2009 Saina Nehwal, Pural D Parmas (Disabled category)
2011 Jwala Gutta
2012 Ashwani Ponappa, Parupalli Kashyap
2013 P.V Sindhu
2014 V. Diju
Padamshri Awardees
Year Awardees
1977 Meena Shah
1982 Prakash Padukone
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardees
Year Awardees
2000 P. Gopi Chand
2009 Saina Nehwal

What is the length and breadth of badminton court for singles?

44 feet × 17 feet.

What is the length and breadth of badminton court for doubles?

44feet × 20 feet.

What is the breadth of the net?

2 feet 6 inches.

What is the weight of the shuttle cock?

The weight of the shuttle cock may vary from 4.73 g to 5.50 g.

How many feathers are there in a shuttle?

There are 14 to 16 feathers in a shuttle.

What is the breadth of white tape of upper part of badminton net?

The breadth of white tape of upper part of badminton net is 75 mm.

Will it be a foul, if the server’s feet are not in his half at the time of service?

It will be a foul.

What are the types of games in badminton?

Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

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