Lawn Tennis has its roots in France. Later on, this game was brought to England in the 15th century. In 1877, the first of the Lawn Tennis Championship in the world was played at all England Croquet Club. Lawn tennis was played in Olympics till 1924. It was again included in the Olympic Games in the year 1988. It was included in Asian Games in the year 1958. International Tennis Federation was formed in 1977.

Measurements and Specifications of Equipment

A. Lawn Tennis Court
Specifications Measurement
Length of the court (Singles and Doubles) 23.77 m (78 feet)
Breadth for Doubles 10.97 m (36 feet)
Breadth for Singles 8.23 m (27 feet)
Height of the posts 1.07 m (3 feet 6 inches)
Diameter of the posts 15 cm (6 inches)
Height of the net from ground at the Centre 0.91 m (3 feet)
Width of the strap 5 cm (2 inches)
Service line: distance from centre line and parallel to it Width of the service court 6.40 m(21feet)
for Singles 4.11 m (13 feet 6 inches)
for Doubles 5.50 m (18 feet)
Width of all court service line 5 cm (2 inches)
Distance of posts away from sidelines 0.91 m (3 feet)
Distance between base line and service line 5.44 m (18 feet)
Band covering 5 to 6.3 cm
Diameter of the cord or metal 0.8 cm
B. Racket
Specifications Measurement
Complete length 81.28 cm (32 inches)
Width of frame 31.75 cm (12.5 inches)
Breadth of string 29.21 cm
Length of string 39.37 cm
C. Ball
Specifications Measurement
Diameter of the ball 6.35-6.67 cm
Weight of the ball 56.7-60.24 g
Colour of the ball Yellow or white

General Rules

    1. Service shall be delivered behind the base line. Then server shall project the ball by hand into air hit the ball with racket before it strikes the ground.
    2. When the score becomes 40-40 (Deuce) then the player has to score 2 continuous points, to get a point.
    3. A player serving from the wrong side of court will lose his point.
    4. If ‘Let’ is called, the service shall be replayed.
    5. After a fault service, the server shall serve again.
    6. If a player wins first 6 games, he wins the set. Each game has 15, 30, 40 and game point to score.
    7. In case of tie break, a player who first wins 7 points shall win the game by the margin of 2.
    8. In mix doubles, male partner shall serve to the male or female partner shall serve to female opponent in case of ‘Deuce’.

Different types of Lawn Tennis Games

    • 1. Single
    • 2. Double
    • 3. Mixed Doubles


Column- 1 Column- 2 Column- 3
Advantage Drop Volley Match point
Ace Error Net ball
Back spin Foot Game
Backhand Fault Deuce
Chip Forehand Double fault
Chop Half Volley Pace
Cross Court Ground StrokeRally
Drive Lob Server
Drop shot Set Set point ralley

Important Tournaments

    • 1. All England Championship (Wimbledon)
    • 2. U.S.Open
    • 3. Australian Open
    • 4. Federation Open
    • 5. Davis Cup
    • 6. Olympic Tennis Championship
    • 7. Asian Tennis Championship
    • 8. Hall Of Fame Tennis Tournament
    • 9. French Open Tennis Championship
    • 10. Japan Open
B. National Level Tournament

1. National Lawn Tennis Championship
2. All India Inter University Tennis Championship


1. Ronald Garos (France)
2. San Diego (California)
3. Wimbledon (England)
4. New York (USA)

Sports Awards

Arjun Awards
Year Awardee
1995 Mahesh Bhupathi
1996 Gaurav Natekar
1997 Asif Ismail
2000 Akhtar Ali
2004 Sania Mirza
2011 Somdev Varman
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardee

1996-97 Leander Paes

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