Physical education is complicated and very broad with the change of time; its meaning also changed. After a time, its purpose. According to Charles A Butcher, “Physical education is an integral part of the total educational process and aims to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially fit citizens through physical activities, who have been chosen with a vision to realize these outcomes. “Physical education is the sum of changes in a person’s experience that can lead to motor activity. “

What is Physical Education?

Physical education comprises two words: “physical” means body, and “education” implies behavior modification, which is why it means knowledge through physical activities. It aims at the integral development of human beings through participation in various sports and sports activities. Modern physical education began in Germany in the 18th century. While physical education was an integral part of the school curriculum, many changes have occurred since then, and many aspects have emerged over time. We will study more about it in CBSE Class 12 Physical Education.

What are the aims and objectives of Physical Education?

Physical education has been defined in various ways by experts and institutes in this field. “Physical education is that stage of education related to the activities of the large muscles and the reactions to them.” “Physical education is that stage of education which, first of all, is accompanied by the institution and leadership of children, in large muscular activities, to achieve the development and adjustment of activities to conform to social standards.” And second, control of health or developmental conditions is inherently associated with the leadership of activities so that the educational process proceeds without development constraints. CBSE has made Physical Education as a subject in Class 11 and Class 12.

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List of International Competitions

Name of GameGoverning BodyMajor Competetions
1. ArcheryArchery Association of India (AAI) Established in 1973Olympics, world champlonship common wealth Games, Asian Games SAF Games Naticnal Games, khelo India
2. AthleticsAthletics Federation of India (AFI) Established in 1946Olympics, W.C., CWG, Asian Games SAF Games, National Games K.I.G. All India inter University.
3. BasketballBasketball Federation India (BFI) Established in 1950World championships. NBA American leagus Europian loagus olympics, CWG, Asim Games Nodionct Games, Khelo Indin, AIIU.
4. BadmintonBadminton Association of India (BAI) Established in 1934Olympics, world Ranking tournaments, Asiam Cwg, SAf, Premier Badminton lengul All India, Thomas lup, Uber cup (wonen).
5. HockeyIndian Hockey Federation (IHF) Established in 1928Olympics, world champlonship Asiam Cup SAFG, CWG, Beighton CUP, AGA KHAN CUP marugappa gold hocuey lup, Nehru lup.
What are the Career Options in Physical Education?

Opportunities in the field of physical education were only till 1990 for teaching and training. Due to the increasing interest in training and a growing number of activities, there are ample employment opportunities for physical education people. There are two career options in physical education. One is related to the teaching and training of physical education, which are also called traditional races. The second type is related to careers related to health, management, sports performance, and media.

Popular Competitions
Event Level of Competition Participants
Olympic GamesWorld games Worldwide
Military World GamesMilitary games Worldwide (military athletes)
Asian Games Continental games Asia
Pan American GamesContinental games Americas
European GamesContinental games Europe
European IndoorContinental indoorEurope

What does a career in physical education mean?

In the modern world, people know more about their health problems. Everyone is aware of his health to be safe and healthy. You want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, there has been an increase in employment opportunities in health-related careers in the field of physical education. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of health and weight management clubs. Another area related to health career is sports training.

What is the goal of physical education?

Facilitate physical education and sufficient time for individual and groups to participate in activities that are physically healthy, mentally stimulating, and socially healthy.

What are the career opportunities in teaching physical education?

Physical education has traditionally been described as a career field. A suitable career offers many awards to teachers, whether they attend middle schools in elementary school. Baccalaureate, Baccalaureate. College or university. This type of career has many benefits. The teacher, in the field of physical education, is deeply respected among the students as he makes a good contribution to society, this career provides inner satisfaction
• primary school
• Secondary school
• senior High School
• Colleges and Universities

Why do you choose a career in the sports industry?

Career available in the sports industry. A person who wants a career in the sports industry must have physical education and knowledge of sports. A small scale sports industry can be established. This can only be related to T-shirts and tracksuits. This can only be related to sports shoes. Research and design knowledge is also crucial for these jobs, as new types of sports equipment and new types of tracksuits or bathing suits are always in demand which is beneficial in enhancing the performance of athletes.

Last Edited: January 27, 2022