Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. International Volleyball Federation was constituted in the year 1947. First World volleyball Championship was played in the year 1949 at Prague, Czechoslovakia. It was included in Asian Games in the year 1955. India won the Gold Medal in these Asian Games. Volleyball was introduced in India by Y.M.C.A. Volleyball Federation of India. First National Volleyball championship was organised in the year 1952 at Madras (Chennai). It was introduced in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

History of Volleyball

Volleyball has a history of more than 100 years. It is a cheaper game, which can be played on a minimal ground. William G. Morgan designed it in 1895. He was the physical director of Y.M.C.A. First National Volleyball Championship was by Y.M.C.A. in the year 1929 at Bucklin, New York. National Volleyball Championship is organised every year after the constitution of U.S. Volleyball Association in the year 1928.

Measurements and Specifications of Equipments

Specifications Measurement
Size of the play field 18 m × 9 m
Width of boundary lines 5 cm
Size of the net Length 9.50 m; breadth 1 m
Size of net mesh 10 cm
Height of net from the ground (men) 2 m 43 cm
Height of net from the ground (women) 2 m 24 cm
Circumference of the ball 65 to 67 cm
Weight of the ball 260 to 280 g
Number of players in each team 6
Number of substitutes 6
Size of the marks on chest and back Length 15 cm min and breadth 10 cm min
Officials (referee 1, umpire 1, scorer 1, 7 linesmen 2 to 4)
Length of the antenna 1.80 m
Colour of the ball Multi-coloured
Length of service area 9 m

General Rules

The latest rules of Volleyball are as given below:

    • 1. Now, the breadth of service area is 9 m instead of 3 m.
    • 2. The attack line has been extended upto 1.75 m outside on both sides in dotted marking.
    • 3. According to the new rule, ‘libero’ is a special player in a team. He is the player of backline. He is not allowed to attack from the attacking area. He can play only for defence. He wears coloured T-shirt different from other players. Neither he can do service nor block. He is not allowed to smash the ball. A libero has a fixed position during the game.
    • 4. Each service has a point as in Table Tennis.
    • 5. A coloured ball is permitted in competition.
    • 6. Let service is allowed.
    • 7. First four sets consist of 25 points each whereas fifth set consists of 15 point.


Column- 1 Column- 2 Column- 3
Diving boosting smasher
Antenna dig libero
Black booster rotation
Holding net ball double hit
Rolling over tapping line cut

Important Tournaments

    1. Federation Cup
    2. Grand Champions cup
    3. Asia Cup
    4. Shiwani Gold Cup
    5. World Cup
    6. Poornima Trophy (National Women)
    7. India Gold Cup
    8. Super Challenge Cup
    9. Canada Open
    10. Italian Open
    11. Hamburg Open
    12. Newzealand Open


Arjun Awardees
Year Awardee
1999 Sukh Pal Singh
2000 P.V.Raman
2001 Amir Singh
2002 Ravi kant Reddy
2009 Kapil Dev
2011 Sanjay Kumar
2014 Tom Joseph
Dronacharya Awardees
Year Awardee
1990 A Raman Rao
1995 M.Shyam Sunder Rao
2002 Om Prakash
2007 G.E.Sridharan
Dhyan Chand Awardee

2002 Om Prakash

Questions and Answers for Viva

What is the length and breadth of Volleyball court?

The length of Volleyball court is 18 m and breadth is 9 m.

What is the height of the antenna?

The height of antenna is 1.80 m. It is fixed in the net in such a way that it remains 80 cm above the net.

What is the standard weight of the ball?

260 g to 280 g.

What is the required circumference of the ball?

The circumference of ball should be 65 to 67 cm.

What should be the pressure of air in the ball?

It should be 0.40 to 0.45 kg/cm.

How many players are there in a team of Volleyball?

There are 12 players in a team but six players play at a time.

How many time outs can be taken by a team in one set in Vollyball?

Two time-outs.

What are the officials of Volleyball match?

Referee 1, umpire 1, scorer 1, linesmen 2 to 4.

When does the rotation take place in Volleyball?

After the change of service.

How many sets are there in a Volleyball match?

Five sets.

What is the standard height of net for men and women?

The standard height of net for men is 2.43 m from the centre whereas for women its height is 2.24 m.

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