Table Tennis is a popular indoor game. Earlier, its name was Gossima and Whif-Wharf. It was played in England in the name of Ping-Pong at the end of the 19th century. Its name was Ping-Pong based on the sound of the ball crashing against the table. Who originated the modern table tennis, is not known exactly.

History of Table Tennis

Many people of various countries like USA, India, South Africa claim that Table Tennis originated in their country, but most of the people assume that it began in England. Ping-Pong Association was formed in 1902. National Table Tennis Association was formed in the year 1922. In 1933 ‘United States Table Tennis Association, was constituted. Indian Table Tennis Association was formed in 1938. Table tennis was included in the Olympic Games in 1988 at Seoul. Table tennis is being played in Asian Games from 1958.

Measurements and Specifications of Equipments

Specifications Measurements
Shape of the table of Table Tennis Rectangular
Length of the table 274 cm
Width of the table 152.5 cm
Height of the table from the floor 76 cm
Length of the net 183 cm
Height of the net from surface of the table 15.25 cm
Diameter of the ball 40 mm
Weight of the ball 2.53 gm
Colour of the ball White or Orange
Material of the ball Celluloid or plastic
Interval between successive games 1 minute
Time out during match 1 minute
Width of the line which divides the surface parallel to side lines 3 mm

General Rules

    • 1. A player has the right to choose the service and side of court by means of toss.
    • 2. The player who scores 11 points by difference of 2 points,will be the winner.
    • 3. Each match consists of 7 sets.
    • 4. The service made, while the receiver is not ready, is said to be a let service.
    • 5. One-minute interval will be provided in between the game, provided that the player has scored 6 points.
    • 6. The dress, used by the player should have collar, half sleeves and contrast colour compared to the colour of tennis ball.
    • 7. If a player is found misbehaving with other player or official, he will be warned. For second warning 1 point and for third warning 2 points will be awarded to the opponent player and card will be shown to that player.
Type of Basic strokes Type of Attacking strokes
Push strokes Topspin
Forehand push strokes Drop shot
Backhand push strokes Counter hitting


Column- 1 Column- 2 Column- 3
Loop Deuce Pen hold grip
Volley RallyLet
Ace Server Chop
Flat Service Spin
Kill shot Freehand Racket
Loaded Western Grip Side spin
Forehand Shake hand grip Floating
Table Pen hold grip Bet

Important Tournaments

    1. National Table Tennis Championship
    2. Olympic Table Tennis Championship
    3. Asian Games Table Tennis Championship
    4. World Table Tennis Championship
    5. All India University Table Tennis Championship

Sports Awards

Arjuna Awardees
2002 Montu Ghosh
2004 Achanta Sharath Kamal
2005 Soumyadeep Roy
2006 Subhajit Saha
2008 Poulomi Ghatak
HIstory of Table Tennis
Rules for playing Table Tennis
Table Tennis Tournaments
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