Hockey in Physical Education

Modern Hockey originated in England. British Hockey Association was formed in 1875. England and Ireland were the first two countries that played their first hockey match in 1894.

The game of Hockey was introduced first time in the Olympics in 1908. Hockey was again raised in 1920 in Olympics. Due to the increasing popularity, the International Hockey Federation was formed in 1924. So, again Hockey was included in the 1928 Olympic games held in Amsterdam. The Indian Hockey team took part in the 1928 Olympics. Women Hockey became a part of the Olympic games in the year 1980.

History of Hockey

Nothing can be said definitely about the origin of Hockey. It has been played for centuries, so nothing is sure about its origin. In Egypt, some sources have been found from a tomb (Boni Hasan tomb) showing two players, playing with thin sticks, curved at one end. This tomb is supposed to be constructed around 2050 B.C. There are records that the Persians played a stick game very similar to Hockey by sitting on horses’ backs. There were different names of Hockey.

Measurements and specifications of Equipment

Column- 1Column- 1Column- 1
Free hitRight backScoop
FlickPenalty cornerAstro-turf
TacklingDodgingBully shooting
CircleRole onLeft Back, Penalty Stroke.


    • 1. World Cup
    • 2. Champion Trophy
    • 3. World Cup (Women)
    • 4. Rangaswami Cup (Women)
    • 5. Indira Gold Cup
    • 6. Alps Cup
    • 7. Federation Cup (Women)
    • 8. Asia Cup
    • 9. Olympic Games
    • 10. Dhyan Chand Trophy
    • 11. Agha Khan Cup
    • 12. Azlan Shah Cup
    • 13. Lady Ratan Tata Cup (Women)


    1. National Stadium, New Delhi
    2. Shivaji Stadium, New Delhi
    3. National Sports Institute, Patiala
    4. Sports College, Bengaluru
    5. Dhyan Chand Stadium, Lucknow
    6. Railway Stadium, Amritsar


Arjuna Awardees
2007Prabhjot Singh
2008Ignesh Tirkey,Surinder Kaur
2009Sandeep Singh,Jasjeet Kaur Handa
2011Raj Pal Singh
2012Sardar Singh,Harendra Singh
2013Saba Anjum Karim,Narender Singh Sain

Padmashri Awardees
    1. Major Dhyan Chand
    2. K.D.Singh Babu, Balbir Singh (Senior)
    3. Charanjeet Singh
    4. Jeevan Pal Singh
    5. Dileep Tirkey
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardees
1999-2000Dhanraj Pilley
Dronacharya Awardees
2003Rajinder Baldev Singh
2008Sardar Baldev Singh
2009Ajay Bansal
2011Rajinder Singh
2012Harendra Singh
2013Narender Singh Saini
Dhyan Chand Awardees
2002Dharam Singh Mann,Charles Cornelius
2003-04Hardayal Singh
2004-05Rajinder Singh (Junior.)
2005-06Varinder Singh
2007Mukhbain Singh
2012Gundeep Kumar

Questions and Answers for Viva

What is the duration of hockey match?

The duration of match is 35-5-35 minutes.

Is there any offside rule in hockey?

No,nowadays there is no offiside rule in hockey.

What is the required height of flages of the corners?

Four feet high.

How many umpires supervise the hockey game?

Two umpires supervise the hockey game.

What is the distance of penalty stroke point from the mid of goal line?

A distance of 7 yards.

Which formation is best for playing a defensive game?

4-3-3 formation is best for playing a defensive game.

When was the first Asian Hockey Championship held?

The first Asian Hockey Championship was held in 1968.

Can a substituted player be resubstituted in the same match?

No,any substituted player cannot be resubstituted in the same match.

Can a yellow card be shown to the extra players, if they shout from outside?

Yes,the yellow card can be shown to them.

If a red card is shown to player will he be kept out for the complete match?

Yes,he will be kept out for the complete match.

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