Football is the most popular game in the world. There are various assumptions regarding the origin of football. Some people allude that the Chinese used to play football in the second and third centuries. Others claim that it was a famous game in Rome. But modern football was developed in England. FIFA was established in 1904.

History of Football

The world cup of football was started in 1930, whereas football was included in Asian Games in 1951. India got a gold medal in football in the 1951 Asian Games. Sheffield football club was established in England in 1857. London football Association was constituted in 1863. The first football match was played in 1871. In 1875 the first goal post was used in football. Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) was founded on 21 May 1904. In 1893 Indian Football Association was formed in Kolkata. It was changed into the All India Football Federation in 1937. India took part in Olympic football for the first time in 1948.

Measurements and Specifications of Equipment

Specifications Measurement
Shape of the play field Rectangular
The length of the play field 100 to 130 yards
The breadth of the play field 50 to 100 yards
The dimension of the play field in international matches Max 110 m × 75 m (100 yards × 70 yards)
Circumference of football 27″ to 28″
Weight of football 14 to 16 ounces (410 to 450 g)
Number of players in a team 11 + 7 (extra) = 18 players if 16 players (11 + 5)
How many players may be substituted in one match? 3
Duration of match 45 – 45 min (2 halves)
Interval of match 5 or 10 minutes
Officials for match 4 (1 referee, 2 linesmen, 1 table official)
Height of goalpost 2.44 in 12. Height of corner flag 5 feet

General Rules

    • 1. The rule of ‘sudden death’ has been implemented in football game.
    • 2. Now 3 players can be substituted from extra players.
    • 3. The goalkeeper can move on the goal line at the time of penalty kick. Earlier the goalkeeper was not allowed to do until the execution of penalty kick.
    • 4. Now the Golden Goal rule has been abolished for deciding the winner. The old rule is applied i.e. two halves of (15 minutes –15 minutes) as extra time is given to both teams. If even after that the match remains draw the winner is decided by penalty shoot.
    • 5. Now, the goalkeeper can run while holding the ball without bouncing it but he can do it without any delay.
    • 6. Now, there can be 23 players instead of 16 players, out of these, 12 players are called substitute players.


Column -1 Column – 2
Striker Pass
Goal Off Side
Kick Back
Golden kick Dribble
Centre Midfield Throw in Volley

Important Tournaments

    1. FIFA Cup (World Cup)
    2. Asia Cup
    3. Merdeka Cup
    4. Durand Cup
    5. Rovers Cup
    6. I.F.A Shield
    7. Santosh Trophy (National)
    8. Federation Cup
    9. DCM Cup
    10. Airlines Gold Cup
    11. Euro Cup
    12. Rajeev Gnadhi Gold Cup
    13. Copa Cup (American)
    14. European Champion Cup


Stadium City/ Country
1. Brookland England
2. Bamvale Stadium London
3. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi
4. Ambedkar Stadium Delhi
5. Lal Bahadur Stadium Hyderabad
6. Black heath, London
7. Salt Lake Stadium Kolkata


Arjuna Awardees
Year Awardee
1989 Subroto Bhattacharya
1997-98 Brahma Nand and S.K. Show Balkere
2001 Bruno Cotinho
2002 I.M. Vijayan
2009 Deepak Kumar Mondal
2011 Sunil Chhetri
Dronacharya Award

1990 Saeed Mohanuddin

Questions and Answers for Viva

What is the duration of a football match?

45-5-45 minutes.

How many players does a football team comprise?

There are 23 players in a team.Eleven players play at a time in a match and rest of the 12 players are called substitutes.

How many players can be substituted in a football match?

Only three players can be substituted in a match.

What should be the weight of the football?

14 to 16 ounces.

What should be the size of the football?

27 to 28 inches.

What is the length and height of goalposts in football?

Length of the goalpost is 8 yards and height is 8 feet.

What is the height of corner flags in football?

Above the ground the height of the corner flags is 150 cm.

From which spot the corner kick is taken in football?

Corner kick is taken from the quarter circle adjacent to the corner.

From which spot the penalty kick is taken?

The penalty kick is taken from the spot 12 yards in front of the centre of the goal line.

Which is called the loose ball in football?

The ball which is not under the control of any player during the game is usually called the loose ball.

What is the golden ball award in football?

The golden ball award is an award which is given to the player who scores maximum goals in the world cup football.This award is given by France.

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