Basketball in Physical Education

The game of Basketball was invented in the United States of America. Dr. James Norsmith of the U.S.A. developed it in December 1891 at Spring Field college. The origin of this game is very interesting.

In the beginning, 40 to 50 players used to be in one team. This game used to be played in a gymnasium. A pair of baskets were nailed on the walls facing each other One had to climb up to get the ball out whenever a goal was scored. Indeed, it was a difficult task. After that, Dr. Smith framed the specific rules of this game.

History of Basketball

This game was played the first time on 22nd January 1892. The first time, five players formed a team. From 1895 to 1900 A.D., a lot of amendments were made to the rules of the game. American Basketball Training Association made its efforts for the demonstration of this game in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, but it could not get success. After that, in the 1932 Olympics, efforts were also made to introduce Basketball.

At last, in the 1936 Olympic games, which were held in Berlin, Basketball was included. In 1932 International Basket Ball Federation was constituted. From the very beginning, U.S.A. dominated in Basketball. Approximately 85 years ago, in India, the game of Basketball was introduced by Y.M.C.A. College Madras (Now Chennai). Since then, Basketball became famous in every part of India. The Indian Basketball Federation was formed in 1950.

Measurements and Specifications of Equipment

Length of Basketball court28 m
Breadth of Basketball court15 m
Radius of central circle of court1.8 m
Width of boundary lines5 cm
Height of basket (ring) from ground3.05 m
Distance between end line and throw line5.80 m
Dimensions at backboard of basket1.20 m × 1.80 m
Thickness of back board of basket3 cm
Height of back boards downward side from ground2.90 m
Weight of ball600 – 650 gm
Number of players of a team5 + 7 (extra)
Distance of end boundary to the poles2 m
Diameter of basket ring45 cm
Length of net of basket60 cm
Circumference of ball75 – 78 cm

General Rules

    • 1. Now the length and breadth of Basketball court is 15 m × 28 m
    • 2. Now the feather ball is used in Basketball competition.
    • 3. The last 2 minutes play before the end of the game should be played in real sense and not to pass the time.
    • 4. Now three time-outs can be provided during the second half of the game to each team but in first half only two time-outs are given.
    • 5. The Basketball poles should be at least 2 m away from the end line.
    • 6. Now the throw can be given from the end line.
    • 7. 30 second rule has been changed to 24 seconds.
    • 8. Now there are four periods of the game i.e.10 – 10 – 10 – 10 minutes.
    • 9. A rectangular shaped restricted area has been introduced.
    • 10. The distance of three point line has been extended to 6.75 m,whereas, earlier it was 6.25 m.
    • 11. No charge semi-circles have been introduced. The radius of the circles shall be 1.25 m from the point on the floor beneath the exact centre of the basket to the inner edge of the semi-circle.


Column- 1Column- 2
Held ballTechnical foul
Jump ballMultiple foul
ReboundPersonal contact
Throw inSet shot
DodgingMultiple throws

Important Tournaments

    • 1. European Cup
    • 2. American Cup
    • 3. Asia Cup
    • 4. Services Trophy
    • 5. William Tod Memorial Trophy (National-Men)
    • 6. Prince Vasalat Jha Trophy (National Women)
    • 7. B.C.Gupta Trophy
    • 8. Federation Cup
    • 9. Bangalore Blues Cup
    • 10. C.Munni Swami Cup
    • 11. All India Ramu Memorial Trophy

Sport Awards

Arjuna Awardees
1981 Radhy Shyam
1991Suman Sharma
1999Sajjan Singh Cheema
2001Parminder Singh
2003Satya (Sports)
2014Geetu Anna Joes

Dhyan Chand Awardees
2002 Aparna Ghosh
What are the measurements of Basketball court?

28 m × 15 m

What is the height of the board from ground?

2.90 m

What is the circumference of the ball?

75 to 78 cm

How many players are there in a team?

Total 12 playes (5 players + 7 Substitutes)

What is the duration of a time-out?

One minute.

What numbers are printed on the shirts of players?

Numbers 4 to 15 are printed on the shirts of players.

What is zone to zone defence?

It is a system of defence in which players are responsible for defence of their sides.This system of defence is mainly suited against a team that is slow in making moves.

What is the duration of substitution?

The duration of substitution is 20 seconds.

Which type of ball is used in competitions?

Leatherette ball is used in competition.

From where the free throws are taken?

Free throws are taken from the end line.

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