Get here NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 10 Ek Din Ki Baadashaahat from Hindi Textbook Rimjhim. Practice here with the chapter end exercises (Abhyas) and extra questions for exams and unit tests updated for CBSE academic session 2024-25.

Class 5 Hindi Chapter 10 Ek Din ki Baadshahat Solutions

Ek Din Ki Badshahat: The author Jilaani Bano wrote a comic story that deals with the problem that all children face. She beautifully described the daily scolding that children get at home for school, studies, play, etc. This could be the story of every boy and girl that gets scolding at their home. Aarif and Salim are two brothers. How things changed the situation in their favor is also an interesting part of the chapter 10 of Class 5 Hindi. That all started with the promise that their father gave them. The story feels that sometimes the children dominate their parents at one point. But the author kept in mind to show what the children are doing to justify their acts.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 10Ek Din Ki Baadashaahat

Question Answers of Chapter 10 Exercises

Aarif is a boy who likes to sing as a lot of children like to sing. Some of the parents appreciate these acts to encourage their talents. But Aarif gets the scolding. When they both get the liberty for one day. They picked on every person in the family to show what is wrong. There are several witty points in the paragraph of EK DIN KI BADSHAHAT from chapter 10 of the Hindi subject. This type of story bolsters interest among the children because a lot of children can relate to the characters. Children tend to enjoy stories through which they can compare and connect with each other.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 10 Question Answers

Chapter 10 story of EK DIN KI BADSHAHAT has only one part. Where the children showcased clever-mindedness to prove their family’s fault. After the paragraph in the exercises section, you will be asked questions to solve. These class 5 Hindi NCERT Solutions you can find on the Tiwari Academy website. Some part of the questions contains some difficult words that have origin in the URDU language. We suggest you take help from your parents or teachers.

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