NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Jahaan Chaah Vahaan Raah updated for CBSE 2024-25. Answers of all questions of grade 5 Hindi book Rimjhim chapter 5 given in the exercise are explain in simple and easy format. It is suggested that students should form their answers by own first.

Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Jahan Chaah Wahan Raah Solutions

Jahan Chah Wahan Raah: In chapter 5 of Hindi literature, there are two stories. The first one is about Hope. How a girl despite being physically challenged made her name. And the other is about communication. This is not something that you will be asked for in the exams. The chapter focuses on the meaning of communication. Both of the paragraphs have their own importance in the chapter. However, from the examination point of view, Jahan Chah Wahan Rah will be used more. The Baat Ka Safar part will be helpful for the knowledge purpose. As you can use it for writing essays. Which carries higher marks.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 5Jahaan Chaah Vahaan Raah

Question Answers of Chapter end Exercises

in Class 5 Hindi textbook, the story of Jahan Chah Wahan Raha is based on the story of a girl. The 26-year-old girl named Ila is crippled. She was without hand’s support and cannot write or use her hands as normal people do. Still, she studied till high school. She couldn’t graduate as she was not aware of the help she’d be granted to write the exam and extra time. Which she regret doing but she didn’t give up there. She learned to make embroidery on silk. This skill became her identity and later in life, she became an embroidery expert. What is the design you might ask she was an expert of? Well, you have to read her story in chapter 5 of the class 5 Hindi NCERT book.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers

Patra is the third part of the chapter. You can always consider it as part of the communication paragraph. Here you will be able to read how an informal letter is being written by Narendra. Who wrote this letter to his friend in Buffalo, New York, United States. He suggests to her some important things to remember about competition and language. The letter is so positive that after reading this letter you would get the urge to write a letter to your friend. This will also tell you how to write a letter effectively and briefly. This will help you to write answers, letters, and paragraphs in your exams.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers
Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5
CBSE Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers
NCERT Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers
NCERT Solutioins Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers
Class 5 Hindi Chapter 5 Question Answers free download
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