Get here NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Ek Maan Kee Bebasi from Hindi Textbook Rimjhim. Exercise question answers with some extra questions for practice are prepared for new academic session 2023-24.

Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Ek maa ki Bebasi Solutions

Ek Maa Ki Bebasi: You must have read so many poems in elementary school. Some of them are about childhood days and some of them are about plays and study times. But this poem is slightly different. Ek Maa Ki Bebasi poem of chapter 9 of class 5 Hindi subject will make you emotional. The Poem will make you dive into the emotional journey and make you imagine the struggles of a child. The poem describes beautifully a child who has no idea how he should act and what his future will be like. All he wish to play with the other kids as you want to with your friends. Poets compare him with the broken toy.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 9Ek Maan Kee Bebasi

Question Answers of Chapter Exercises

To understand the poem one must read the paragraph given before it. This will help you understand the hidden empathy that the poet described. The poem is important from the examination perspective. Even the 2 questions given in the exercise section will make you think hard. You can expect the questions taken from the middle of the stanzas. What the poet means in a particular stanza could be one of the questions. Most important is to understand what the mother in the poem must be feeling. In the poem, there is not much given about the mother except the part she helplessly sees her child.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Question Answers

The questions given in the exercises mentioned mother a lot of times. In the fill in the blanks and other extra parts. The entire chapter 9 of class 5 NCERT Hindi consists of the poem. But in the second part of the chapter, you will study some funny stories and where to find them. However, do not mistaken it by considering a story. It is an optional part which will give you names of some funny stories.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Question Answers
Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9
NCERT Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Question Answers
Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 free PDF
NCERT CBSE Class 5 Hindi Chapter 9 Question Answers
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