NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 7 Daakie Ki Kahaani, Kaanvarasinh Ki Jubaani from Rimjhim. All the question answers are given in brief and easy to understand format. These CBSE solutions for class 5 Hindi subject is updated for academic session 2024-25. Contents are free to use without any formal registration.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 7 Dakiye ki Kahani, Kanvarsing ki Jubani

Daakiye Ki Kahaani Kanwar Singh Ki Zubaani: In the previous chapters, you have already studied the story of the letter. Also, the importance it holds among other means of comminutions. In chapter 7 of class 5 Hindi NCERT, you will read the interview of a Postman. His job and responsibilities. How his job actually bought a smile to a lot of people. By reading the “Daakiye ki Kahaani Kanwar Singh ki Zubaani” you will know his family and background. Also, his work is not only just delivering letters. There is other important work that he serves. Shimla is part of the Himachal Pradesh hill station. Even now there are certain places where you will find it a hard time to get mobile reception. Kanwar Singh’s job served an important purpose back then and even now.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 7Daakie Ki Kahaani, Kaanvarasinh Ki Jubaani

Question Answers of Chapter end Exercises

The Author of the interview is Pratima Sharma. She began the interview of Postman by asking some general questions about his personal life. The purpose of asking the questions is to know how stable Kanwar Singh is in Life. Also, to make him comfortable to ask questions. By reading the interview you will understand a lot about the person sitting in front of you. About his work life and his achievements. Like Kanwar Singh told Pratima about the incident when he got beaten up. But then he was rewarded for being the best Postman. The skill of interview can help a lot of students to make new friends.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 7 Question Answers

In the middle of the chapter 7 of 5th Hindi, when Kanwar Singh tells about his children. He also mentioned their struggle to get to a nearby school. This show that he understands the value of good education. This chapter is to give you knowledge. In the book, you will not find the exercise questions to solve. But you can visit Tiwari Academy NCERT Solutions for class 5. There you will find the questions that could be asked in the examination. As there are no exercise questions given in the chapter the chances of small questions from the paragraph are high. So, read chapter 7 multiple times to know about the key details.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 7 Question Answers
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