NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 8 Ve Din Bhi Kya Din The from Rimjhim Hindi Book. All the solutions are prepared for new CBSE academic session 2024-25. 5th Hindi Rimjhim Paath 8 solutions are helpful to understand the way how to answer the questions asked in exams.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 8 Ve Din Bhi Kya Din The Solution

Ve Din bhi Kya Din The: A lot of us imagined how education and everything will be in the future. Some of us have already seen some movies and read fiction books about the future. Chapter 8 of class 5 Hindi NCERT story is similar to it. The author of the story is Issac Asimov. Tell describe the conversation between Kummi and Rohit. It is the incident that took place even later than 17 May 2155. The narrator found the incident in the diary written by Kummi. The story tells you about the importance of writing a diary. Like kummi, you can also mention any special event in your diary. So that, when you grow up you can read your old memories.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 8Ve Din Bhi Kya Din The

Question Answers of Chapter end Exercises

In chapter 8 of class 5 Hindi NCERT Issac shows us how education will be transformed. He also tried to show that students from the future appreciate the teacher and physical classrooms. Instead of studying on computers and screens. But the question arises how do you like to study? On-screen or do you like to go to school? Kummi describes the point of how studying on screen is so boring. By reading all the point that describes future education you will be given the opportunity to differentiate your education. Like sitting and solving tough Math with your friends.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 8 Question Answers

At the end of the story Vo din Bhi Kya Din the Kummi gets lost in her imagination. During her imagination, she almost forgot that her class is going on. Similarly, after reading the chapter you will be forced to imagine what the future education system will be like. Even in the exercises section, you will be asked to discuss the past fun you used to have. Or the fun your parents used to have. You will find many questions in the exercises part of chapter 8, But most of the questions are interactive questions. here you can take help because of the solutions you can always find on the Tiwari Academy website.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 8 Question Answers
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