Free and updated NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Hindi Chapter 12 Guru Aur Chela taken from NCERT Textbook Rimjhim. Extra Questions based on the poem Guru aur Chela are given here to prepare well the chapter for exams. Suitable answers are given as sample so that students can make their answers by own.

Class 5 Hindi Chapter 12 Guru aur Chela Solutions

Guru Aur Chela: The renowned poet Sohan Lal Dwivedi presents the GURU AUR CHELA poem in chapter 12 of the class 5 Hindi NCERT book. He is known for his patriotic poems majorly. This time he presents the poem that is based on the story ANDHER NAGRI CHOPAT RAJA. This is a comic poem in which the Guru and His disciple reached a city where everything cost the same. The poem is long as the entire incident is described thoroughly. You will enjoy the rhyming words given in the poem GURU AUR CHELA of chapter 12 of class 5 Hindi subject.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 12Guru Aur Chela

Question Answers of Chapter 12 Exercises

What was the deed that the disciple has done which caused a threat to his life? You will read in the middle of the poem. The moral of the poem is that one should always listen to their teachers as they know better. Who rescued the disciple from the death penalty is the comic twist in the poem GURU AUR CHELA from class 5 Hindi NCERT. In the poem, you will read several new words which we suggest you write and remember. This will help you to understand the stanzas more easily and for answering in the examination time too.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 12 Question Answers

In the exercise section of the poem GURU AUR CHELA from class 5 Hindi NCERT, you will not find the usual questions to answer. To practice the examination, you can always refer to Tiwari Academy class 5 NCERT solutions. There you will find the question which can prepare you for the exams. However, Kavita Ki Kahaani section has many questions that will force you to engage your imagination. From the examination perspective this poem is important as there are grammar question given at the end. Students can study better when they use their skills to explain some story. This helps them to read the poem and understand its details.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 12 Question Answers
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