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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 16 Pani Re Pani Solutions

The main sources of drinking water are groundwater, which is water located beneath the earth’s surface, usually in aquifers, that has been naturally filtered by the soil and rocks it has passed through. The surface water is water found in rivers, lakes, and streams that is usually treated before it is consumed. Rainwater is one of the most common sources of drinking water, and can be collected for use during times of drought or emergency. We should practice water harvesting and recycling of water. Recycled water is water that has been treated to remove pollutants and contaminants, and can be reused in different ways.

Class: 5Hindi
Chapter: 16Pani Re Pani

Question Answers of Chapter 16 Exercises

Implementing better water conservation methods and management practices can help to improve the water level in a region. Now a days, it is the need of situation. This includes installing water-efficient appliances, using water-saving irrigation systems, and utilizing rainwater harvesting systems. Planting more trees can also help to increase water retention in the soil and reduce the rate of evaporation. Reducing pollution in the region can help to improve the water level. Implementing water reuse systems such as greywater systems and rainwater harvesting systems can help to reduce water waste and increase the water level in a region.

Grade 5 Hindi Chapter 16 Question Answers

Class 5 Hindi Chapter 16 explains about value of water. Preserving water is important for the retention of life for long time. It is a finite resource and essential for life on Earth. It is necessary for drinking, irrigation, industry, and energy production. Out of these, the amount of drinking water is quite low. Preservation of water helps protect ecosystems, prevent flooding, and protect biodiversity. It also helps to ensure food security and improve public health. Additionally, conserving water helps to save money, as it reduces the amount of energy and resources needed to pump, transport, and treat water.

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Class 5 Hindi Chapter 16 Question Answers
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