Class 6 Science Chapter 15 MCQ

Class 6 Science Chapter 15 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Air Around Us. All the MCQ are taken from important topics given in NCERT Book’s Chapters of class 6 Science chapter 15.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 15 MCQ Online Test for 2020-2021

Class: 6Science
Chapter: 15Air Around Us
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Class 6 Science Chapter 15 MCQ Test with Answers


Vikash is doing his homework which is given by his teacher. Would you help him to choose the correct sentences?

[A]. Plant and animal matter burns by consuming oxygen from air and produces mainly carbon dioxide and a few other gases.
[B]. Green plants need carbon dioxide gas to make food.
[C]. The presence of water vapour in air is important for the working of water cycle in nature.
[D]. All the above

State which of the following statements are incorrect:

[A]. Plants consume oxygen for respiration.
[B]. Plants produce oxygen during the process of making their own food.
[C]. Air helps in the movements of sailing yachts and glider but plays no role in the flight of birds and aeroplanes.
[D]. Air does occupy space.

In a quiz competition, you are asked a question where you have to choose the statement which is/ are incorrect?

[A]. Air do not help in the dispersal of seeds and pollen of flowers of several plants.
[B]. Air has no role for burning of phosphorus.
[C]. Air has no role for flying aeroplanes and helicopters.
[D]. All the above.

In the last year board examination, Rahul were asked a question where he had to choose the statement which was/were correct? Will you be able to answer this question?

[A]. The oxygen of air being consumed by animals in the respiration and in the burning of fuels is constantly being replaced by plants through the process of photosynthesis.
[B]. Animal depends on plants for getting oxygen gas and plants depend on animals for getting carbon dioxide gas.
[C]. The plants and animals help in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in atmosphere.
[D]. All the above.

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Usha took a lump of dry soil in a glass and added water to it till it was completely immersed. She observed bubbles coming out. The bubbles contain:

[A]. Water vapour
[B]. Only oxygen gas
[C]. Air
[D]. None of the above

Aditi is completed her science chapter where she wrote some statements. She wants to know whether the statements are correct or not? Aditi wants to take help from you:

[A]. Air is a mixture of several two gases.
[B]. No living things can survive without air.
[C]. Moving air is called wind.
[D]. It is the moving air or blowing air which makes a phirki rotate.


Nitrogen is needed by the plants to make:

[A]. Fats
[B]. Carbohydrates
[C]. Proteins
[D]. Minerals

Air is considered to be:

[A]. A compound
[B]. A mixture
[C]. A solvent
[D]. An element

The crop plants do not depend on humans for obtaining one of the following. This one is:

[A]. Fertilizers
[B]. Oxygen
[C]. Carbon dioxide
[D]. Irrigation

Which of the following is not a common component of air that we normally breathe in?

[A]. Oxygen
[B]. Water vapour
[C]. Carbon monoxide
[D]. Nitrogen

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