Class 6 Science Chapter 13 MCQ

Class 6 Science Chapter 13 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Fun with Magnets. All the chapter 13 of class 6 science is now covered through MCQs with suitable answers for CBSE Session 2020-2021.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 13 MCQ Online Test for 2020-2021

Class: 6Science
Chapter: 13Fun with Magnets
Contents:MCQ Online Test with Answers

Class 6 Science Chapter 12 MCQ Test with Answers


Choose the wrong statement:

[A]. Heat can destroy magnetic properties of a magnet.
[B]. Magnets are made up of different materials and different shapes.
[C]. There is a maximum attraction in middle of a magnet.
[D]. Magnetite it does not show magnetic properties.

In the last year board examination, Rahul were asked a question where he had to choose the statement which was/were correct? Will you be able to answer this question?

[A]. Magnetic material can be magnetized which means that magnetic materials can be converted into magnets.
[B]. Those materials which are not attracted by a magnet are called nonmagnetic materials.
[C]. Most of materials around us are nonmagnetic materials.
[D]. All the above

It is a common observation that a pencil sharpener gets attracted by magnet through its plastic body:

[A]. As it is made of a special non-magnetic material.
[B]. As it is made of plastic.
[C]. As there is a steel blade.
[D]. As pencil sharpener body is made of cobalt and thermoplastic.

When iron fillings are kept near a magnet:

[A]. It aligns itself along magnetic field lines
[B]. It gets attracted towards north pole of magnet.
[C]. It gets attracted towards south pole of magnet
[D]. Nothing happens.

Which one of the following things can be made into a magnet?

[A]. An eraser
[B]. A pencil
[C]. A plastic
[D]. A razor

Which of the following in a ship helps to move it in the right direction?

[A]. Thermometer
[B]. Speedometer
[C]. An anchor
[D]. A compass


A free-turning magnet will always rest in:

[A]. North-south direction
[B]. East west direction
[C]. South west direction
[D]. North east direction

What happens when we hit a magnet with a hammer?

[A]. It gains more magnetic force
[B]. It demagnetizes
[C]. The north and south poles change positions
[D]. Nothing happens

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Neelima is writing some statements but she confused to know whether the statements are correct or not? If you know the answer to this question, then tell her:

[A]. Every magnet, whether big or small, has a north pole and south pole.
[B]. It is impossible to have a magnet having only one pole.
[C]. The maximum amount of iron filings sticks on the two ends or two poles of the bar magnet.
[D]. None of the above

Choose the correct statements:

[A]. A cylindrical magnet has only one pole.
[B]. Maximum iron filings stick in the middle of a bar magnet when it is brought near them.
[C]. Rubber is a magnetic material.
[D]. A nickel wire is attracted by magnet.

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